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The 5 things you’ll forget to bring from home after break

Everyone loves going home for fall and winter break, but don’t forget to stock up on the necessities while you can! Now that you’ve been on campus for a while, you can tell what you might need and what you can take home.

  1. Jeans, sweatshirts and other things for warmth: Every collegiette has to cut her closet when she goes away to college, but now’s your time to expand the areas you need to expand. Need more pants? Have your favorite hoodies? Instead of paying a fortune for what you already have at home, take a quick peek into your wardrobe of school years past.
  2. More School Supplies: I always under estimate my own consumption of books, pens, paper and notebooks, and for some reason I’ve also fallen into the trap of paying for things that I know I have at home. With finals looming after Thanksgiving break and a new semester starting after Winter break, A great money saving tip is to do some “shopping” at home before you get to campus again.
  3. Family Pictures: With the emphasis on family at the end of the year, don’t be surprised if you find yourself nostalgic for holidays past. Snatching a few more family photos from your desk at home may make you feel less homesick. Add some cute pictures of your pets, and it’s like you never left home!


  4. Sunglasses: No matter what time of the year, the sun’s damaging UV rays are still shining down on you, even if it’s snowy and cold. (There’s a reason snowboarders get those weird face tans!) You can get these Steve Madden Sunglasses from Marshalls for less than 20 bucks! 
  5. Socks: With the weather getting chillier in the fall, and more close toed shoes becoming commonplace, the sock monster in your will be getting hungry. Pick up some socks that are thick and colorful but also don’t forget some nicer, sleeker ones for when not everyone will appreciate your polka-dot zigzag fuzz all over the place.

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Emily recently transferred to Arizona State university after hurting her knee playing college volleyball at another school. She is studying Sports Managment, and finds it hilarious when people are surprised a woman is studying that. She dreams of becoming a sports agent and earning a paycheck that helps her not stress about the cost of guacamole at Chipotle. Her best friends are her dogs because they don't judge her when she sings Tom Petty songs and dances while cleaning.Folow her blog here, her instagram is @embrunda, her twitter handle is also @Embrunda.
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