5 Fetishes That You Should Know About

Fetishes are a touchy topic for some, but as long as everything is consensual and safe, what is the big deal? Make sure you communicate with your partner before trying these. If you like it, that’s great! If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you never have to do it again.

  1. 1. Electrostimulation

    As you’ve probably already guessed, this fetish involves using electricity to get yourself or your partner off. Using shocks or jolts to excite each other is what electro-simulators love! People who are into electrostimulation buy “electric wands” at sex shops, or use handmade tools. The key to this kink is to communicate with your partner, use safe tools, and create a safe word.

  2. 2. Quirofilia

    So, we all know about foot fetishes, but what about hand fetishes? Some people get turned on by seeing their partner’s new manicure. Some are even turned on by seeing someone do the dishes with their beautiful hands. Many quirolfiliacs say they are more attracted to fingers rather than the palm.

  3. 3. Wax Play

    lit candles at home

    Many people use candlelight as a mood lighting before getting sexy. But have you thought about the wax within the candle? Warning: Normal candles are NOT for your skin and could burn you. There are special candles that heat up at a temperature that is not harmful to your skin. For some people, having wax poured on their body is sexually pleasing. Wax can be used as a massage oil as well.

  4. 4. Knismonaglia

    This fetish is for people who love to tickle or be tickled. Some people use feathers or other toys to achieve sexual gratification. Many  use restraints to hold the person being tickled down so they cannot move to make sex even more pleasurable. Again, consent is key, and using a safe word is very important.

  5. 5. Psychrophilia

    People who are interested in this fetish are turned on by being cold and/or watching others be cold. Alaska in the wintertime is this person’s fantasy. Some individuals who are psychrophiles use ice, freezers, and popsicles to please themselves or their partner.

Always remember: Consent is key and you need to obtain it before trying any of these with another person. Communicate limits and boundaries before you start and be willing to change those boundaries and limits at any point. Have fun and be safe!