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5 Costume Ideas: One Little Black Dress

Halloween—oh, the smell of pumpkin spice and scandalous costumes in the air. It’s the time of year where a collegiate can wear as little as possible and still deem it as acceptable. Chances are you’re struggling to find the perfect costume or are too broke of a college student to dish out money (don’t worry, we’re right there with you). Well, looks like you might not have to stray too far from your closet for your staple item. You guessed it—the little black dress.

Before the 1920s, black was only worn for mourning purposes and was considered repulsive to wear otherwise. In 1926, one woman shaped the evolution of fashion and sent it spiraling into a whole new direction. She published a short and simple black dress in Vogue magazine. The dress became known as “Chanel’s Ford” in regards to the Model T because it was available to women in all social classes. Its versatile functions and abilities to make any woman feel glamorous have kept the little black dress popular throughout the decades, and is sure to stay in this generation’s closets. So, go ahead and rip that baby off the hanger—it’s time to uncover your perfect Halloween costume. 

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It’s the answer to at least a hundred different wardrobe dilemmas, and it’s always capable of performing its number one duty—making you both feel and look fabulous. Pair your little black dress (aka LBD) with these accessories, and you my dear have yourself one sexy, sophisticated costume. 

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Okay, so a cat may not be the creative, one-of-a-kind costume you’ve been soul searching for, but it’s always the perfect go-to for a last minute, low budget costume decision. Transform that versatile piece into your character for the night with the help of some key accessories.

To master the look, we suggest a pair of black leggings for under the dress. If you’re going for the less refined look with the intention of getting your cute lab partner’s attention, trade standard leggings for leather, and he’ll be putty in your paws. Vamp up the sexiness even more with sleek, black pumps. Use black eyeliner for drawing a nose and whiskers on your cheeks. The last essential things you’ll need to top of the look are, of course, cat ears and a tail.


Twilight fans—here’s your time to showcase your love for those blood sucking creatures. Bring out your inner Cullen and sparkle in a traditional vampire costume. For completing this look, you’ll need a black leather jacket, a pair of fake fangs, and chunky black booties. To finish off this classic vampire look, apply a dark burgundy lipstick to outline those viscous fangs of yours.

Minnie Mouse

We may not be little girls anymore, but who says we have to stop loving Disney? If you’re anything like me, you still have that pair of Minnie ears lying around from when you went to the Magic Kingdom years ago. Well, it’s time to pull out those childhood memories for your picture-perfect costume.

Including those magical ears upon your head, we suggest wearing a skinny red belt around your waist and red heels. To add an extra pinch of sweet to your Minnie Mouse costume, add dainty details like bows and polka dots. Bonus points if you plan a couples costume and your date goes as Mickey! 


Bring your love of fall weather to any atmosphere by dressing to scare away those pesky birds! Okay, so you won’t have the scariest costume, but being a scarecrow is a rather original and modest way to display your love of Halloween. For mastering this look, you’ll need a plaid shirt (any color will do), a floppy sun hat, yellow leggings, and a pair of cowboy boots. Add a cutesy emphasis to your costume by stuffing straw into the ends of pieces of your clothing and boots. And you’re off to see the wizard!

Coco Chanel

What better way to wear your LBD than to be the woman who forever changed fashion forever with this piece? Look fabulously elegant in a costume inspired by the renowned 1920’s fashion designer. To complete this look, pair your LBD with a black jacket, a small Chanel bag (if possible), a hat, white gloves, red lipstick, black ballet flats, and a sea of pearls. 


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