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John Tucker Must Die: There’s no film quite like ‘John Tucker Must Die’ to get you feeling like getting back to school. The 2000s teen comedy is the story of a trio of teen girls who realise the star athlete of their school, who they each claimed was “the one”, has been secretly dating all three of them. As they plot revenge in this hilarious chick flick, they stumble upon the bonds of sisterhood and real romance. Watching this film is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, brim with nostalgia, and crave a girl’s night.

-Devaki Diwan

Malory Towers: Taking you back to days of lasting friendships, unadulterated happiness, and childlike fun; Malory Towers is the perfect sojourn for the bittersweet feeling that is growing up. Set against the backdrop of an all-girls boarding school in England, this series brings back the joy of finding your tribe away from home, something we’re always looking for.

-Shivani Panigrahy

Campus by Vampire Weekend: Are you also desperately trying to avoid someone on campus after a Cruel Summer? “Drag [your alternative/indie] feet along the floor” and take it in stride to Campus by Vampire Weekend. An NPC song at first listen, beware of the addictive quirkiness it brings to the demise of your -ship. Have a listen and a laugh and a half at your expense, and maybe one day you’ll move on to Another Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian- Vampire Weekend’s Campus sans quirkiness. Happy listening (and avoiding) !

-Akshali Gugle

We’re Not Really Strangers: Especially for freshman looking to belong amidst the hustling and bustling of campus, this wonderful card game will expedite the process of getting to know your fellow roommates, floormates or classmates! Asking introspective and reflective questions to dig deep into each other’s souls, it also helps you understand yourself better. It might seem a bit intrusive at first, but once everyone is through one round, you’ll feel closer than ever to these strangers, who are actually just a mirror of you, in different ways!

-Stuti Sharma

The Idiot by Elif Batuman: This is not just a novel, it’s like that college friend of yours that always has lore. Who will always have absurd stories to tell you and you will laugh in disbelief. This book takes you through the perplexing and curious world of the freshman year at Harvard with the endearingly offbeat protagonist. An amuzement park ride of love, humour, life and change, this is an adventure best fit for any college student looking to scream ‘HARD RELATE’ to a book. It will make you cry, think, rage, laugh and mostly adore the journey of being a college student! Hopefully making you appreicate this supposedly dreadful time in our lives.

-Stuti Sharma

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Stuti Sharma

Ashoka '24

Stuti is a third year Psychology major and Creative Writing minor at Ashoka University. She loves writing and can be found impulse-buying jhumkas, unnecessary outfits and fridge magnets, and consuming the most absurd media ever. She is the token mom of the group surrounded by walking reminders of how short she is. She already loves you.
Akshali is a content writer at Her Campus. She is a sophomore at Ashoka University studying English, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Entrepreneurship, and really any course she can fit into her sleepless schedule. A vocal James Spader fan, when she's not immersed in intellectually stimulating conversations on Squidward or weaving rock lyrics into her pieces, you'll find her gorging on momos.
Shivani Panigrahy is an Econ Major at Ashoka University, who is working as an Editor at the Her Campus Ashoka chapter. With considerable experience as a featured academic/creative writer, she's drawn to all things fiction. She's also been a long-time vocalist and performer, and is definitely a self-proclaimed music critic. In addition to this, she can be found binge-watching the average show at odd hours or sleeping through the day.