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Weekly Column Series: Reviewing Unique Ashokan Things Pt.1

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Foundations of Computer Programming (FCP) — Puzzle day

By: Sayona Chachra Pahwa 

Puzzle day is like an intersection between FCP and ICT class. You know when you watch students in American high schools and college, they are never studying and have really cool assignments. You curse the Indian education system and wish you had such fun tests. Puzzle day is exactly that- it’s fun, innovative and really satisfying. 

The one thing I have learnt from puzzle day is that regardless of the kind of education and evaluation, students don’t like exams or any assignments for that matter. When you look at it from the outside perspective; puzzle day sounds like a dream. A 48 hour, team-based cryptic hunt with hints given out every few hours and cash rewards to the winners. 

The reality is obviously slightly different. It is quite stressful and being stuck on a level for hours can be disheartening. My favourite part was the zoom meeting where with professor which was organized to give out hints. Hints were given out once in a while, but it was more of a bonding session (over distress caused by puzzle day) where we watched videos, listened to music and spammed the TA’s. Some of the hints were more complicated than the questions. 

Despite the loss of sleep, appetite and maybe a few hair strands; puzzle day is highly recommended. Even if you don’t score, you will end up with a list of all genres of songs and even some random facts. The distance between New York and Singapore is 9521 miles — those who know, know. 

Literature and the World: Prof. Jonathan Gill Harris

By: Shreya Suhani

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any weird Ashokan encounters by virtue of me not being on campus. Although I take that as less of a virtue and more of a curse. So, the most I can give is honest reviews of the courses that I’ve taken during my few semesters here. I’d say one of the most poignant FCs that you can take during your time here at Ashoka, and especially in your first semester is Literature and the World with Jonathan Gill Harris. Don’t get me wrong the course is demanding and so is the grading but putting all that aside—it’s just immensely fun. I remember being newly out of school and never properly having been introduced to literature in all of its glory (cbse kid that I was), and Literature and the World couldn’t have been more perfect. Professor Harris is an absolute delight and every single class is lively, enthusiastic and unpredictable (in a good way! ). Here’s the thing with the Lit and the World FC with JGH, you can’t slack—the cameras stay on, there’s weekly participation and strict deadlines but…it’s worth it. The readings are amazing, the lectures are more than engaging and if you need more further incentive, Professor Harris’s past is a gift that keeps giving.

I am a self appointed food critic, enthusiastic event planner and certified packer. I love dogs, mismatched clothes and the colour yellow.
Shreya Suhani, writer, poet and recent addition to Her Ashoka. Enjoys coffee, poems, women and cynicism, although what can you expect of a prospective Phil major.
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