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Ashoka University during sunset
Ashoka University during sunset
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Weekly Column Series Pt.2: Reviewing Unique Ashokan Things

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The Hunger Cycle Peri Peri Cheese Fries

By: Surabhi Jain

THC giving you the munchies? Well, we Ashokans have the perfect solution for that: THC! No, you guys, not the drug—The Hunger Cycle! Or, more specifically, their Peri Peri Cheese Fries which is almost a narcotic in and of itself. This delicious creation has sated many a grumbling stomach, its special combination of burning spice and salty condiment hitting that sweet spot. Even its packaging is designed to make you salivate: an aluminium container which to all of us symbolises the freedom to eat anytime, anywhere. The shining silver elevates the fries to another level in our eyes, making it (rightly) seem like the King of Campus Food. Peri Peri Cheese Fries fulfils our every need. It provides emotional support when we Ashokans are really going through it, it vanquishes our hunger at 3 am when there’s nothing else around to eat except chips from the vending machine, and most importantly, it helps us make friends by tempting everyone in its vicinity to take a bite. That’s right, without THC’s fries, we would all be sad loners sitting in our sad dorm rooms, crying. So, go out and support your local THC! Peri Peri Cheese Fries: your friendly neighbourhood hero.

A Typical Ashokan Morning in SH4: Maggi-find Kettles, Moody Showers, and Philosophical Corridors

By: Rhea Thomson

You stifle a yawn as you amble to Pantry A with your favourite coffee mug, secretly thankful no one’s there to see your unwashed face. Thank the stars, you find a kettle there. You go to boil water and find the dried remnants of a late-night Maggi fest clinging to the bottom. On the verge of tears, you make a mental note to send a very angry text about why boiling Maggi in the kettle is JUST ABSOLUTELY CONTEMPTUOUS!!! (You’re Ashokan so you type fancy.) 

You check the time on your phone and gasp: hot water runs out in thirty minutes which means you’ll only have time to listen to a quarter of your carefully-curated shower playlist! But, all the stalls except one have already been nabbed. There’s just that one shower that’s famously known for its irregular mood swings. If that shower was a song, you think it would definitely be Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold ‘cause [it’s] hot then [it’s] cold, [it’s] yes then [it’s] no. Ironically, you have the same song on your playlist. 

You emerge from your scalding-freezing shower and your mind tracks to how all the floors in SH4 look eerily similar. You rewatched Bangalore Days last night so Parvathy’s words ring in your ears: they may look the same but the sights you see through those [doors]… those are different. As you begin to appreciate this wonderful eccentricity, your alarm rings. You race back to your room; you’re supremely late and will have to run to class in your pajamas. 

Just a typical Ashokan morning.

Surabhi Jain

Ashoka '21

A fourth-year English and Creative Writing major, Surabhi is always in possession of 20 different kinds of tea, watermelon-pink kitten earmuffs and galaxy-printed leggings. Her many talents include the art of hugging, marathon Netflixing and catnaps.
Rhea Thomson

Ashoka '21

That one person who just made the cut. Also an aspiring psychologist.
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