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I can’t think of anything, so I will write about nothing. 

But nothing is a convoluted word. 

I can’t think of anything, and yet here I am, typing on a blank piece of paper trying to fill it with nothing. I want to write nothing and yet I am struggling to find words to write about the very idea of absence. 

If I really were to write about nothing, I should ideally be leaving this page blank. Leaving it blank however, would be filling it with a sense of void which would evoke a certain sort of feeling in those who are looking at the paper. A feeling of emptiness and maybe a thought of “Oh I just wasted my time opening this and coming to this page,” but little would they pay attention to the disgusted expression on their face when they think that. If a piece of blank paper is able to evoke that, would it really be called nothing? 

— *this space depicts nothing*

 So how do I really write about nothing?

— *this space depicts nothing*

When the word nothing was defined, put in the dictionary by maybe some white dude with a beard, he still must have thought of something. A word to describe the feeling of emptiness, of no thing, of an absence of anything. The opposite of everything. But there be no such thing as “nothing” for the simple reason that to name it means it must exist. 

— *this space depicts nothing*

Sunatya is a concept in Buddhism wherein one needs to be totally focused on a thought at  a certain level of intensity to attain “nothing” or “nothingness” as a state of mind. However, if they are really focusing on something, which is a thought in this case, how can it be equated  to being nothing.

— *this space depicts nothing*

It is said that writers weave together words to form stories. They craft into existence fully formed characters, and villains with entirely new personalities, dreams and flaws. Their plot lines are completely new and so are their ideas. It may be said that stories are constructed seemingly out of thin air from people’s minds. Imagination is argued to come out of nothing. 

Entirely new personalities and ideas, stemming from nothing, does not seem to be plausible due to our constant consumption of content both from the media, our education and our social world. Old ideas simply become merged into one mental kaleidoscope, stemming into new ones, giving rise to a fictional sense of “nothingness”  

Bible Gateway Genesis 1 :: NIV: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

The Bible says that God created the world out of nothing– spoke the world into existence. But if God really spoke the heavens and the earth into existence, where did the words come out from? Did they not stem from thoughts and were later transferred to his mouth? If yes, then how could it be nothing, the words came from something, from somewhere. 

— *this space depicts nothing*

The gold foil experiment that Rutherford conducted “proved” that most space between the atoms is filled with nothing. But this nothing is still empty space. Emptiness or space is still made of something, made of each other. 

— *this space depicts nothing*

To me, thus, nothingness is absurd. Nothingness does not exist because it couldn’t have come out of no thing, something had to exist for “no thing” to come about. 

— *this space depicts nothing*

I thought this would be easy, you know, writing a paper about nothing? All I had to do was write about ‘no thing’ at all, and yet I ended up fleshing out the content and made it 677 words long. 

I mean you read a paper on nothing, and yet gained something. 

— *this space depicts nothing*

I couldn’t think of anything, so I wrote about nothing. 

Meher Singh

Ashoka '24

Hi ! I am Meher, a sophomore at Ashoka University. My personality trait is obsessing over Shrek and talking about alt-rock and rap music. I name my plants after beverages, so I am quirky that way. I also have an absolutely crazy sweet tooth, so if you want to find me anywhere I will probably be sitting at Nirula's, eating their hot chocolate fudge<3