Stop! Shop for your Studying Spot

If you’ve ever had the (mis)fortune of experiencing college life, you’ll know that broadly speaking, there are two categories of students on campus:

1) Those who not only struggle through their assignments and projects but also regularly dedicate time for their readings, as opposed to procrastinating wildly on everything that isn’t due in a matter of hours.

2) Everyone else.

At some point or another, no matter which category you belong to, you’re going to need a good spot to start (and hopefully finish) your myriad assignments and readings. With that in mind, here is a short list of spots on campus ideal for studying.


1) The Aerobridge


On the aerobridge, much like in space, no one can hear you scream (out of frustration, that is, obviously). During the day, this is a quiet, peaceful place that would make a great spot to cram for that test you should have started studying for a fortnight back. The lack of activity implies minimum to no disturbance. Incidentally, the bridge is also a nice spot for star-gazing while you quiz yourself, although if you’re not on your laptop, you may have to bring your own light for that to work.


2) Classrooms

Granted that it is a rather counter-intuitive idea that anyone would spend any more time in classrooms than absolutely necessary, but that is precisely what makes them such a valuable resource. It would be a good idea to do a little scouting and find a classroom you like (if such a thing can exist) that is unused when you are free.

Once you’ve dealt with potential trespassers, though, you will find that the classrooms have a lot to offer: large whiteboards for your notes and flowcharts, and the projectors that you can use to prepare for your presentations (by which we mean have a TV show marathon until you are actually forced to start working on your presentations). And of course, alone in a classroom, you can play all your embarrassing study music out loud with no repercussions.


3) The Library

This is probably a spot better left to those of us who have some semblance of self-control around books. Apart from being a minefield of temptation, the library is an obvious choice for a study spot; it is quiet, well-lit, air-conditioned, full of other (ostentatiously) productive people, and has an appealing colour scheme to soothe your frazzled nerves.


4) Common Rooms

Although these aren’t areas used or intended exclusively for studying, they basically have all the benefits of the library—minus the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone—which dramatically increases the odds of people actually being productive. Also, the couches are very comfortable, and it is more acceptable to burst into tears here than in the library, where you are expected to maintain silence. Not to mention the presence of vending machines for all your stress-eating or meal-replacement needs.


5) Lawn Areas

This spot is reserved for those warm, sunny days when the classroom is the place you go to freeze (and get bored) to death. If you ever want to devour a book in the most comfortable of settings, this is the place for you. Sprawl out on the grass, or roll around as you read; the possibilities are endless. You’ll get to breathe in the fresh, un-air-conditioned air, look at the flowers around you, and play around with the little insects (if that’s your thing), all while finishing your work fairly quickly.


6) Center for Entrepreneurship

While primarily known as the place you let your entrepreneurial creativity blossom, the Centre for Entrepreneurship is a wonderful place to catch up with those late assignments and readings! The constant buzz and energy of this place will help you stay focused on whatever you choose to do (or, in the case of procrastinators, not do). As a plus point, if you ever get hungry, you’ll have an entire pantry at your disposable to cook up a delicious storm to accompany your study session.


7) Mess at Night

You must be familiar with this location as the place you rush in and out of, hoping to find quick meals, when you’re oh-so-late for your morning and afternoon classes. The magic of this place, however, doesn’t strike you until you stumble into it at the dead of night, tired from all the running around that the day entails. When you see the soft yellow light hitting the neat rows of white tables, you will realize that there’s no happier place to study than one that’s so closely associated with food. No restriction on the consumption of food/beverages! Long tables to spread your messy books (and snacks) on! Really, what else do you need?


8) Student Commons

One of the newest additions to this list! If you’ve ever questioned why everyone loves this place, the answer may lie in the fact that you’ll find some of the most comfortable sofas, couches and, yes, tables in this location. Quiet Zones are available for those serious crunch-times when you have 10 minutes to submit a 700-word essay so you just need the silence to type away furiously on your laptop. If chairs and sofas are really not your things, there’s always the terrace garden available for you where you can enjoy the sun, get a tan, and then realize you still have 3 readings left to do. Did we mention they have memes on the walls?


Let’s hope this list has given you an idea of the variety of locations that are available to you for procrastinating your life away. Kidding, please don’t do that. But if you ever do catch yourself bored of the same old dorm room, give this list a quick glance and find a new favourite spot to unleash your productivity!

All images captured by our brilliant photographer Viraj Malani