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By: Muskaan Mir

whispers in the library

students at sixteen

a clandestine meeting

you forget your faith

and i forget my father

for the first time

i never knew i would find

hidden behind a shelf

poetry composed just for me

a language only we can speak

stone floor soft to our touch

curving your spine

wrapping your arms around mine

oversharing our overlapping history

scribbling hearts on your hands

they nest themselves in your skin

just like i nest myself in your kitchen

feeding you with the same fingers

that peruse your back

with nails too sharp

i scratch your surface

you splinter under me

shards and shards of misery

glass shatters so easily

your back

becomes my battleground

i break you and beg you to stay

before it can turn on me

we all go to war sometimes

the swords and the pens you gave

i draw one and draw over the wounds

only a few hundred scars to heal

only so much the naked eye can see

i stitch through your body

threads of shimmery gold and velvet red

seeped in ink and blood and tears

the wire i trap you with

a string of prayer tied around your wrist

a god who hates you

and you who love me

i make you leave

i am a weightless burden

too light to exist

too heavy to let go

you take me off your back

and hang me on your door

just to find

the same scars in my bones

the swords and the pens you built

you draw one and draw over my hurt

you know how to mend

what i did to you

what i did to myself

we are the same

bodies meant for ruin

skin itching to be shed

we stand naked

salt streaming down our faces

with a name unsaid

and a self unbared

secrets meant for us

love is the most painful

when you can’t love enough

it becomes harder

when you have to give yourself up

our spines are injuries themselves

bloodied but beautiful

i unravel your life

i tear you apart and make you bleed

folding your pages together

i marry you with a paper ring

and i won’t tell them who you are

if you don’t tell them who i am

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