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Secret Potion to Make Them Fall in Love

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No, no, no. Absolutely not. This article is not what you expect it to be.

Please, if you were really looking for that, I would recommend seeing a shrink.

No, like really.

I just wanted a catchy title to click bait you into reading this, and I guess it worked.


Might as well read on anyway right?

Someone asked me a few days back, about how I would make someone fall in love with me. And I was visibly confused. I don’t know how love works? How do you fall in and out of it?

But if you want to give it a shot, I guess I’ll awkwardly show you my journal.

Like oh here, here’s my journal. Scribbles of me. My entirety in tangible bits and pieces.

A written version, more aesthetic, emotionally bold.

A completely unfiltered reservoir of me messily mulling over my little thoughts which intrigue and inspire me every waking second. I talk to my pages incessantly, and very much unlike I talk to anyone else. I don’t fear judgement, I don’t impose, I don’t burden. I just write.

About my fears, my secrets, the themes in my life, my contradictions. All of it. You can see me doting on my favourite people here, and learn about how I love when I love, how I perceive when I adore and how I capture what I do when I devote myself to those who make life worth it. And they don’t even know it.

It’s a more articulate yet somehow even more messy version of me which defines me as who I am. I wish I could ever make complete sense of it.

You can pretty much read into me and also see how a train of thought progresses as I start following it more intricately. You can be part of the journey of that paradoxical thought I picked up multiple times on multiple pages, exploring different perspectives but always ended up more confused.

You can see my inner complexities, and I can hope you appreciate them. You can view as closely as you would like, my greatest gift and my worst possession- my mind. my heart. You can hold my vulnerabilities in your hands and either breathe them in as your very own, or use them to destroy me because you will have that power once you read what I write and what I think.

It’s either a terrible plan which could bring me to ashes or it could make you experience something you would never have before. If you fall in love with my words, you fall in love with me. That’s how I would make you fall in love.

 If you find a little bit of yourself in my art, poetry and thoughts, that means you find yourself in me. A prospect too perfectly ideal to imagine, but fair warning! If you are ready to take my mind on I will applaud you. I don’t know how the world would look like with another me. I know it would be a blessing for me to have a companion. But becoming like my mind, would probably be the worst nightmare for you. 

Stuti Sharma

Ashoka '24

Stuti is a third year Psychology major and Creative Writing minor at Ashoka University. She loves writing and can be found impulse-buying jhumkas, unnecessary outfits and fridge magnets, and consuming the most absurd media ever. She is the token mom of the group surrounded by walking reminders of how short she is. She already loves you.