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Original illustration by Devanshi Daga

The Red Bricked Town



Edited by- Malavika Suresh 


Dear Freshers,

             Hope you are pumped up to start college, you might have heard and read various things about Ashoka. We know that Ashoka is a new place for all of you, and the thought of starting college can fill you up with a lot of mixed emotions. We felt the same way when we started here, but today when we have been away from college for so long, there is nothing more we want than to go back.

              The O-week at Ashoka is frenetic. The registration process itself is interminable and wearisome. Every day of the O-week is crammed with a tone of activities. Most of which are enjoyable, but some may get boring like sitting in ‘Reddy’s auditorium’ and getting accustomed to Ashokan ways. At night you will spend time getting to know your fellow batchmates, And understanding the student culture. At the time, O-week may feel exhausting, yet it is the most memorable time at Ashoka.

              Many will enjoy the drastic change you are experiencing; however, some would feel homesick, but by the end of the week, everyone will feel comfortable and at home. You might miss your room back at home, but by the end of the semester, your dorm room will be a place with most treasured memories. You might feel a little lonely in the beginning, but we assure you that you will bond with people instantaneously, You may end up making best friendships and reminiscence about it in the future. The pantry talks, the bathroom songs, the parties in the dorms and the endless walks around the campus would soon become a part of you. Pulling an all-nighter, spending nights in the library and rushing for 8:30 lectures will be a routine.  We guarantee you that you all will dislike the food from the mess, but will end up spending the most time there chatting with your friends. Most of us like to eat at the Dhaba, and we relish the conversations and gossip that are shared over the popular Dhaba-Chai. 

               Hope you will soon feel attached towards the beautiful red-bricked walls, the lawns and the iconic triangular design of the atrium and find a favourite spot on the campus as we all did. Here is a small poem that reflects our experience of the O-week. 


The Red-Bricked Town.


The tall red walls loomed over me.

and unfamiliar faces floated by,

anxiety overpowered me;

as I walked around,

the red-bricked town.


The hustle of O-week began;

and nervousness settled down

acquaintances were formed––

soon the campus felt very warm.

Students bustled through the corridors,

Of the red-bricked town.


Classes were explored in mornings,

evenings were for cohorts to hang around.

An exhausting game of Sopaan 

forced us to scan all the corners

of The red-bricked town 


From late-night events 

to early morning mandatory sessions

O- week was a fun and tiring time

at the red-bricked town.


Soon the hectic week came to an end,

and the beautiful skies, the lush green lawns,

the cats and the dogs, 

The noisy mess, the lovely dorms;

felt like home,

at the red-bricked town.


                    We know that your first week would be very different from that of ours. We feel disheartened that we cannot welcome you the same way that our seniors did. Even so, we are trying our level best to help you familiarise with the campus.  As an attempt to bridge the distance, we hope this poem enables you to capture the essence of Ashoka.  We wish to meet you soon.



Your seniors.

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