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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Edited by: Kavya Gupta

In the grand arena of generational warfare, it’s a clash of cultural nuances, communication styles, and a mutual disdain for being called “old.” The combatants? Gen Z and Millennials, two generations separated by a few years, yet worlds apart in terms of humor, technology, and the appropriate use of avocado.

Chapter 1: The Emoji Extravaganza

Millennials: Remember when emojis were called emoticons, and we had to type them out manually? Good times :)

Gen Z communicates in hieroglyphics, expressing complex emotions with a single dancing cat emoji. Millennials, on the other hand, are drowning in a sea of nostalgia, trying to decipher the meaning behind the latest emoji updates. Is that a happy face or a metaphor for the existential dread of student loans? What is the skull emoji? Is it replacing “Dope”?

Chapter 2: Memes and Dreams

Gen Z: “You’re cancelled!”

Millennials: “We were using memes when memes weren’t even memes yet!”

Gen Z cancels people faster than a Netflix subscription they can’t afford. Meanwhile, Millennials fondly reminisce about the era of “Unable to open a CD Case” memes and cheering when the DVD Logo finally hit the corner of the screen. It’s a battle of vintage vs. viral, where each side believes their memes are the dankest. The real question is, can they even “meme” to the beat of the same drum?

Chapter 3: Streaming Wars

Gen Z: “Let’s binge-watch all night on seven different platforms simultaneously!”

Millennials: “Back in my day, we had to wait a week for the next episode!”

Gen Z thrives in the age of streaming abundance, juggling subscriptions like a circus performer with FOMO. Millennials recall the struggle of waiting for a weekly dose of their favourite shows and the agony of accidentally recording over a VHS tape. It’s a war between instant gratification and delayed satisfaction, fought with remote controls and Wi-Fi passwords.

Chapter 4: Job Titles and Side Hustles

Gen Z: “I’m a content creator, social media influencer, and part-time cryptocurrency guru.”

Millennials: “I’m a part-time waiter currently pursuing my Physics Masters Degree.”

Gen Z crafts job titles like they’re writing poetry, embracing the gig economy with entrepreneurial spirit. Millennials, with their participation trophies and degrees in obscure subjects, navigate the professional world with a hint of irony and a splash of caffeine.

Chapter 5: Fashion Faux Pas

Gen Z: “Y2K is making a comeback!”

Millennials: “I still have my skinny jeans. Fight me.”

Gen Z embraces the aesthetic chaos of Y2K fashion, resurrecting styles that Millennials thought were safely buried in the closet. Meanwhile, Millennials clutch their skinny jeans, defending them as if they were the last piece of ancient armor in a rapidly changing fashion landscape.

Chapter 6: The Meme Renaissance

Gen Z: “world_record_egg”

Millennials: “We were meme pioneers, navigating the wild west of dial-up internet.”

Gen Z, with their lightning-fast fingers and short attention spans, have taken memes to new heights. The more obscure, the better. Meanwhile, Millennials fondly recall the ancient days when memes were like rare artifacts discovered in the depths of 9gag. It’s a battle of surreal versus classic, with each side convinced they hold the key to the meme kingdom.

Chapter 7: Social Media Sagas

Gen Z: “TikTok is life, and if it’s not on Instagram, did it even happen?”

Millennials: “We don’t understand slay and pop off queen”

Gen Z thrives in the era of instant video gratification, where a dance move can make you a star. 20/20 vision, city girls twinning and winning…Millennials, scarred by the trauma of their girlfriend’s mother picking up the landline, now feel nostalgic about their Facebook experiences. It’s a face-off between fleeting fame and the endurance of awkward profile pictures.

Chapter 8: Avocado Toast Wars

Gen Z: “Sunday brunch is a lifestyle, and avocado toast is our national dish.”

Millennials: “We invented avocado toast while balancing our student loan statements.”

Gen Z, blissfully unaware of the struggles of the past, elevates brunch to an art form. Avocado toast is their Mona Lisa. Meanwhile, Millennials, who practically invented the dish while lamenting their student loans, watch in bemusement as the avocado becomes a symbol of generational divide. It’s a clash between brunch enthusiasts and brunch pioneers.

As the battle between Gen Z and Millennials rages on, one thing is clear: the real winner is the person selling avocado toast and artisanal coffee in a meme-themed cafe. So, whether you’re sending heart emojis or sipping on a soy latte, remember, the key to peace is laughter. After all, we’re just two generations trying to find the Wi-Fi password. In the grand tapestry of internet culture, we’re all just trying to be the dankest meme in this ongoing comedy of errors.

Poulomi is a member of the Content Team of the Ashoka University chapter of Her Campus. She is a first year student intending to major in Computer Science. In her free time she can be found writing in her notebook, trying out various sports, or exploring a whole different activity. She likes listening to travel stories, and is always down to have a cheesecake. If anyone ever wants to go out for a walk, or sit in the lawn and stare at the sky, feel free to call her.