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In case you were living under a rock, Taylor Swift announced the release of her new album at the 2022 MTV VMA’s. The album titled ‘Midnights’ comes out on the 21st of October. In light of this revelation, let’s take a step back and rate her most recent and best album ‘Evermore’ (I am not open to a discussion on this topic, thank you.) 

I don’t really have a system set in place to rate these songs; the criteria I am considering are the vibes and lyrics of the song. Long Story Short, here are the top five songs of Evermore: 


I’ve learnt that in order to be successful (the normalised definition of success: money, fame and a name for yourself) you have to sacrifice your home, your comfort and, more often than not, time with your friends and family. There can never really be a balance and you don’t have a choice but to lead a relatively lonely life. 

‘Dorothea’ is a warm hug reminding you of the people and the sacrifices you make on this journey. If you are that friend who has been left behind and forgotten, while your friend becomes renowned, then this song is for you. If you are someone who is moving ahead but losing yourself in the process, this song is for you. 

Favourite lyrics: “ Honey, making a lark of the misery 

                                 You got shiny friends since you left town

                                 A tiny screen’s the only place I see you now

                                 And I got nothing but well wishes for ya.” 

Champagne Problems

Champagne, as an alcoholic beverage, is synonymous with celebration and magnificence. The song follows the aftermath of a broken engagement, focusing on the intimate details of the relationship rather than the grandiose nature of the event and the separation. 

Favourite lyrics: “She would have made such a lovely bride

                                 What a shame she’s fuc**d in the head,” 

Tolerate it 

You’re in love with your partner with all your being. You know that the power dynamic of your relationship is skewed in favour of your partner, that you’re at the backfoot but you love them too much to do anything about it. The realisation hits that your love was never enough, you were never enough. 

‘Tolerate it’ is your childhood friend which helps you deal with this revelation, the song comforts you, nurses your wounds but also rips them apart in due time. It hurts, but it also heals. 

Favourite lyrics: “ I made you my temple, my mural, my sky

                                  Now I’m begging for footnotes in the story of your life.” 

Right where you left me 

Have you ever felt left behind and feel like the entire world is moving ahead at a rapid pace? How do you feel when it is your previous partner over you, vibing and thriving? It pierces your heart, and so does this song. The literature major in me is always in awe of the metaphors and symbolism,. It serves as a reminder that grief and literature both are omnipresent, and can be found anywhere. 

Favourite lyrics: “Matches burn after the other

                                 Pages turn and stick to each other 

                                 Wages earned and lessons learned 

                                 But I, I’m right where you left me.” 

Coney Island 

How do you cope with missing someone when they are right in front of you? It’s like visiting your hometown twenty years later, and realising that the market where you and your friends spent your childhood has been replaced by a lavish mall that nobody asked for. ‘Coney Island’ gives you the strength and courage to accept and deal with this new found reality. 

Favourite lyrics: “Break my soul in two looking for you

                                 But you’re right here

                                 If I can’t relate to you anymore

                                 Then who am I related to?”

Sayona is a second year student at Ashoka University, majoring in English and Media studies. An ardent believer in the concept of afternoon naps and to-do lists; she is your go to person for clothes, food and advice.