How To Make Most of Your Mornings

Edited by: Nishtha Jaiswal (ASP 2019)


Have you ever looked at that one peer who rises early in the morning and is always on time for the class? Did you ever wish to be like them? Well, many of us wish to be an early riser and enjoy the blissful mornings but fail to do so because of our disturbed schedules. However, it is always better to go to bed early at night, wake up early in the morning and do your work throughout the day to be able to take out the most from the day. Being in bed till noon often leads to laziness and an unproductive day. If you are a late riser and plan to become an early one, it is going to be hard to change the schedule within a day or a week; it will take you a few weeks of getting up early. But trust me, once you get into the habit, it will be the best part of your life. In this article, I am trying to give you a glimpse of things you should do if you wake up early in the morning and make the most of your day!

Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash


1. Make Your Bed

Try to make your bed before you leave for your class/work. Making your bed will benefit you in two ways. First-- you will start your day by accomplishing a task. Throughout the day, you will know you have done something, which will help you to do more in the day and will not hold you back. Second-- even though you are unable to achieve something in the day, you will always have something to come back to which is made by you, i.e. your bed! Thus, starting your day by making your bed will always boost you up to make the most of your day.


2. Go for a Walk

Getting up early in the morning gives you ample to time before you set off for your work/ classes. One of the most important things which mornings have to offer is the beautiful view! Go on a walk to look at the greenery, which is often hidden behind the vehicles and huge numbers of people after the noon. Birds’ chirping, greenery and a walk alongside them will keep you fresh and energized throughout the day without getting agitated about your peers/ colleagues.

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3. Try To Stretch

Along with going for a walk, try to stretch your legs, arms, back, neck for a bit, as they are the ones who take the weight of you and your work for the entire day. It is necessary that you keep a regular check on your body, because you need it the most to work for long hours. Stretching your body will ensure proper blood flow throughout the body and help you work without causing any disturbance from the body parts.


4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to keep you calm and perform efficiently. Doing meditation for simply ten minutes will keep your brain active for the entire day. It will help you to plan your day better and focus on your work and well-being.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


5. Have Breakfast

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day. We often miss it if we wake up late and rush to work without eating anything. Morning breakfast is believed to be the best food for the brain; it helps the brain function more efficiently and keeps your metabolism in check. Breakfast is the most wonderful thing a morning can offer to you!


6. Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower on a morning is the best thing one can imagine and this imagination can be brought into reality if you wake up early in the morning. Taking a hot water shower before heading to work will take the laziness out of you. This will definitely keep you fresh throughout the day and work without getting lazy.

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7. Head Off to Work with a Fresh Mood!

If you wake up early in the morning and follow the things mentioned above, you will certainly be pumped up to have a kick ass day at work! There are hardly any chances to feel lazy and skip the work if you go on a walk, meditate, have breakfast and a hot water shower! If you do not wake up early, try to start a new routine by getting up to see the beautiful experiences morning has to offer to you!  

I hope the aforementioned blissful experiences in the mornings have energized you enough to wake up early in the morning and have wonderful and productive days at your work!