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Episode 214, Modern Family: Ashokan Food Outlets

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Edited By: Mihir Khanna

Amidst the bustling chaos at this residential campus, the food outlets in my opinion serve as vibrant characters in this story of Ashoka University. 

From a cozy and inviting Nescafe serving the most delicious iced tea and masala maggi at 4 in the morning to an over bustling Fuelzone serving the caffeine deprived students before their 10:10’s and 11:50’s, these culinary joints do way more than sustaining the famished minds and body of the students, contributing greatly to the overall atmosphere and culture of the university. An extremely random train of thought led me to compare these outlets to the characters of one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time- modern family, and the more I thought about it, the more it started to weirdly make sense. 

Shudh Desi Dhaba: Jay Pritchett

Jay with his no-nonsense demeanor and the strongest beliefs, often surprised the audience with his softer, more nurturing side. This timeless appeal of this character , seamlessly blending the old with the modern is what makes us absolutely adore the two. While a dhaba serves up time-tested classic meals that capture the spirit of ancient culinary traditions, Jay skillfully navigates the intricacies of modern family life with a dash of old school knowledge. Rooted in tradition, they both have a modern side.

While dhaba serves up the time-tested classic meals (thali no 4 for the win) that capture the spirit of the ancient culinary tradition, jay too serving as the stereotypical patriarch skilfully navigates the intricacies of his modern family with a dash of old school knowledge. 

Thalassa: Hailey Dunphy

The hub for Thursday nights, which has now very much disappeared from the lives of Ashokans (much like Hailey disappeared from college) attracted students after a long week of academic commitments and all nighters in the library to unwind , let loose in this small restaurant in the middle of Sonipat. Additionally, this cafe, formally known as Aroma, acted as a melting pot of various personalities and experiences, creating a sense of inclusivity and unity among students as they gather to celebrate and unwind, much like Haley’s ability to effortlessly adapt to different social settings, adding spontaneity into the lives of those around her. 

The Library Cafe: Alex Dunphy

The “LibCaf” (because apparently no one calls it the library cafe?) is undoubtedly the most relaxing place to focus intently on your academics along with your friends while sipping a coffee or having a snack. Just like Alex is always hitting the books and striving for top grades, the cafe is all about providing that perfect spot for students to hunker down and get their study on. 

The Hunger Cycle: Phil Dunphy

Undoubtedly my most favorite place on campus, the hunger cycle never fails to provide the best vibes no matter what time it is. From having deep midnight conversations to blasting music and dancing on the tables of THC after a wild Thursday night, this cafe along with its momos and fries and pizzas truly does it all. Just like Phil, bringing the party along with him everywhere he goes, THC is the perfect place to hang out building an inclusive and vibrant environment away from the academic stressors for at least a night. 

Fuelzone: Claire Dunphy

Much like Claire Dunphy, the nurturing matriarch, Fuelzone takes pride in catering to the caffeine desperate students before their morning classes. It’s all about making you feel at home and taking care of you. The cold coffee before your 10 am just seems like a warm cozy hug and the meticulous precision with which it serves the coffee and snacks to the bustling crowd reminds you of her excellent role as a homemaker and a hardworking mother of three. 

In drawing parallels between these dramatic personas and these food outlets, we come to a realization of how these cafes are so deeply intertwined with every aspect of our lives as college students. There is a sense of belonging that transcends these boundaries of a bustling campus, adding a touch of familiarity making it feel more like home everyday.

Aamiya is a content writer for HerCampus Ashoka and is a freshman. She wants to pursue Economics and Finance. In her free time, she loves meeting new people and bonding over famous Bollywood one-liners. She’s always ready for a deep, late night conversation and is a foodie at heart!