3 youtubers who’ll make you feel less alone in your daily existential crisis

Edited by Lasya Adiraj


It is that time of the perpetual pandemic where even 3 screens can’t make you feel anything and online college is giving you anxiety while also driving you into some form of debt. Serotonin? I don’t know her. Here’s three youtubers to watch to make yourself feel better instead of contemplating how your twenties are going to waste. These people will help you feel more connected to the ever-oblivious universe by reiterating how we are all residents of Spain without the S.


Arpi Park: Meme-lord, spoken word poet and chronic procrastinator, Arpi is a student at Stanford who’s difficult to categorize as a creator; he’s made vlogs, Q&As and video essays about various topics like the idiocy of Instagram self care, college being a game based on capital and connections, kpop creating fetishization of Asian men and so on. However, the best features of his videos include his dancing, an indiscriminate use of the “huh” sound effect and top tier editing that doesn’t let your mind wander to the soul crushing mundanity of life.


Soony Sun: A final year medical student, Soony makes true to life videos that don’t seek to romanticize any aspect of it, something that is always refreshing to see. However, his videos still have an aesthetically pleasing, calming vibe to them. He makes vlogs, college and skincare related content and has done edgy things like turning himself into an e-boy as well. 


James Hoffman: When the now-familiar realisation of campus not opening for months to come hits, a middle aged British guy making niche videos about coffee always helps as one of the comments on his video says, “There’s something very amusing about seeing a British man in slight discomfort.” But apart from the strange ability of questions like should you put salt in your coffee? to distract you, knowing how to make a good cup of bean juice isn’t a complete waste.


If you’ve made it this far in the article, congratulations! Your attention span hasn’t completely been destroyed from watching reels for 2 hours straight. In all seriousness, remember to clear your schedule enough to do random things, we are all going to die anyway and the universe will still remain oblivious. Does that ever help me destress? No. Is that crappy advice that makes this article feel whole in the face of all other things that don’t make sense? Yes. I’d like to close with the immortal words of One Direction - if you ever feel alone, don’t.


A fellow resident of Spain.

Without the S.