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Your New Addiction: Bath Junkie

Just recently, my sorority put on a killer sisterhood event hosted by the lovely ladies of Bath Junkie, a beauty junkie’s haven located conveniently on Dickson Street.  To be honest, before the event, I had never heard of Bath Junkie, and my initial thoughts were along the lines of “why don’t we all just trek down to Bath and Body Works and call it a night?”

However, 3 hours, 200 sisters, free body “dessert,” prizes (including sorority bath robes!), and one exfoliating salt scrub later, I was hooked.  Hannah Waggener (pictured above on the right) said, “this was one of the best sisterhoods we have ever had.”  What’s crazy about the company is that ALL bath products are handmade, hypoallergenic, and literally made fresh right in front of you.  You also create your own scent, color, and name for each purchase (Pinterest for bath products? Duh).

Plus, if you follow their social media—discounts galore!  And as college students, I think we all can use some awesome discounts, and some pampering, as well, after studying 60 hours straight for those finals (ugh!).  The locally established store is open Monday-Saturday to help you beauties with any and all of your desires, and is always willing to cater personally to your wedding shower, baby shower, birthday, sisterhood, or ‘just-because’ events.  Still not convinced? Ask one of my 200 sisters now addicted to the craze! 

Location: 641 W Dickson St, Fayetteville

Website: http://bathjunkie.com/store/fayetteville-ar/

Facebook: Bath Junkie

Twitter: BathJunkieHQ

Want to plan a sisterhood event? Call 1-888-883-3813

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