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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

We’re highlighting the President of Her Campus Arkansas, Tiffany Ward!

Tiffany is a Junior Theater and English double major on campus, and she lives in Fayetteville year-round. While she manages Her Campus Arkansas, Tiffany also serves as a Chapter Advisor for 8 different Her Campus chapters across the United States including Her Campus San Francisco, Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, Arizona, CU Boulder, Georgia State and Oklahoma State! She is also the standing Assistant of Finance for her sorority, AOII, and takes time to involve herself in Theater at the University as well. “I was never active in theater on the Arkansas campus until this year because I was working on my English degree,” Tiffany says. “I’m working with the director of Hedda Gabler later in the year to help him with that project. I also have plans to get involved at the Arts Center of the Ozarks in the Spring.”

Tiffany is also leaving for Dallas, Texas, in October to audition to become a Disney princess.

“I’ve never auditioned for Disney before, but it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing.” Tiffany grins excitedly. “I love both drama and musical productions, and I know that Disney is a step in the right direction for me.” Tiffany has been involved in over 15 productions since she was in grade school, several of which she had lead roles in, including My Son Pinocchio, The Diary of Anne Frank, Alice in Wonderland and many others – she also has assistant directing experience. After graduation, Tiffany is going to peruse her Master’s degree in New York City, where she hopes to attend Juilliard. “I’ve also been looking into schools in Chicago, but New York is right in the heart of it all.”

In her spare time, Tiffany loves to write creatively and practice digital artwork, and she wants to be a published novelist someday. Her former English focus was English Literature, but upon completing the required coursework with only electives left, she chose to switch the focus to Creative Writing. She says this did not bother her, because she is still in the running to graduate on time and it’s like being a “nerdy triple threat”. 

Tiffany is also an activist against Global Warming and an advocate for Wildlife Conservation. One of her favorite organizations is the African Wildlife Foundation, who works closely with her personal activist group. “If I ever make a lot of money someday, I want to visit the wildlife reserve in Kenya.” Tiffany claims thing to have been addicted to Big Cat Diary when it was listed on Netflix, and it sparked her interest in someday donating to the reserve and working alongside the wildlife specialists there. “I love big cats, and small cats. I have a weird thing for cheetahs and lions, I think they’re absolutely incredible to watch; but I think all wildlife is brilliant and something that we take for granted.” 

At home, Tiffany has a pet rabbit and hedgehog, Caesar and Gary. She also has been in a relationship with her high school sweetheart for three and a half years. Marriage has been discussed, but nothing is “set in stone”. Tiffany’s mother, sister and stepdad recently moved to Fayetteville, encouraging her to move back in with them, allowing Tiffany to save for graduate school.


Q & A:

Q: What’s your favorite color?A: No one knows what I’m ever talking about. It’s the perfect mix between magenta and purple, and it’s super sparkly. It’s not even a color, it’s just…a thing. 

Q: What’s something you wish you had, but you don’t have?A: I think I have a lot in my life. I don’t really know of anything that I want, but I wish I could get rid of my social media. I just feel addicted to it. 

Q: Are you liberal or conservative?A: I’m a libertarian. Or a hippie.

Q: Which Disney Princess are you?A: Um…I really think I’m more of a Lilo.

Madison Covington is a Northwest Arkansas native and a junior at the University of Arkansas. She is studying Communications with a minor in Political Science. She loves to read books (about EVERYTHING!), watch movies, and write about stuff! Her favorite animal is a penguin and has been since year four. She believes that no matter what your dream is, you should do whatever it takes to reach it and to not give up until you're there.  "You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way." - Jennifer J Freeman
Tiffany Ward, a Junior at the University of Arkansas, joined the Her Campus Arkansas team in 2013 and now serves as the chapter President. Along with being an English major, Tiffany has a minor in Legal Studies and Pre-Law emphasis. Tiffany is a loyal member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Tiffany loves to write articles that provide advice and fun to her readers.