Things You Should Know About Texans Before You Visit Texas

As many of you know, our Razorbacks will be taking the field in the Advocare V100 Texan Bowl on December 29. For those of you that plan to travel to Houston, there's a few things you should know about Texans before you arrive. And no, we will not be riding our horses to the game.

1. It's queso, not cheese dip.

I don't care how weird you think we are but melted cheese, in a bowl, at a mexican restaurant is QUESO. Calling queso something like cheese dip is similar to saying Ryan Gosling is fairly attractive. It just doesn't do it justice. If you ask your waiter for cheese dip, they will most likely have no idea what you're talking about. 

2. Everything IS INDEED bigger in Texas.

You've heard the saying, "everything is bigger in Texas". Well, this is 100% true. Football stadiums, pick-up trucks, hair, music festivals, state pride... you name it and Texas does it bigger. You will not meet a Texan that does not think Texas is the best state in the country. (Texans are also stubborn so I wouldn't try to argue this).

3. Texans love Whataburger.

In Texas, going to Whataburger multiple nights in a row is completely normal. Texans don't just go to Whataburger for the food (although the food is reason enough), they go to Whataburger to hang out with friends and sober up before they go home. Texans have even made a hobby of collecting the orange tents with their order numbers on it. Don't ask us why, because we don't really know either.

4. High School football is a religion in Texas.

Okay, so it isn't actually an established religion, but it might as well be. Texans are hopelessly devoted to their high school football teams regardless of their record. Every Friday is practically a holiday in Texas, with pep-rallies in the morning and a completely filled stadium at night. Everyone from students to parents to teachers are in the stands. If you aren't at the football game Friday night, you're probably the only one.

5. Texans like to party.

People in Texas are very nice and friendly. Everyone compliments Texans on their "True Texan Hospitality". That being said, Texans love to have fun. Any chance they get, Texans will gather together and find a reason to celebrate. On average, Texans consume about 34.6 gallons of beer per year from parties, sporting events, concerts, bowling... you name it and Texans will drink to it. No wonder they're so friendly!






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