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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

Self-worth is something we all struggle with today, credited to the fact that we are constantly bombarded with pictures on social media. People sharing, oversharing, tweeting, retweeting. People living their “best life.” Most of the time I find myself scrolling through dozens of these pictures while I sit in bed watching Gossip Girl for the thousandth time, wishing I was living my “best life.” It feels like my life will never possibly be as glamorous or insta-worthy as all the others. Often, people’s solution to all of this is to just stop using social media; however, that is a large step not all of us are ready to take. I know I am definitely not.

After 30 minutes of mindless scrolling and finding my self-worth in the dumps, I decided I had to do something.  I knew I needed a pick me up that would leave me inspired and empowered. So, I decided to try listening to songs by inspiring women who had all the empowerment I was craving. It is much harder to feel down and sad when “Good as Hell” or “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo is playing. I created a playlist devoted just to that. Something I value so much in college is my badass playlist. Whenever I’m feeling down I can go to my room and crank it up or go for a drive and roll down all my windows. If you are ever struggling with your self-worth, I really recommend creating your own badass playlist to rock on the way to your least favorite class or that event you are nervous for, because it makes all the difference. Find a whole playlist’s worth of songs that build you up, put you in a better mood, and get you ready to face the day. Because when you feel good in the morning, it leads to better things throughout the day. 


Emma Towe

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International Business and Arabic major just trying to figure out college as I go!
Haven King

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Hello babes !! I’m Haven King, a 19 year-old Arkansas girl. Writing has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember and I am pursuing it as a degree at the University of Arkansas. My love of fashion, traveling and well, life- has led me here. So, I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes!