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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

Dear Mommy,

College has been a huge transition for me- for the both of us. Being your only baby must be hard for you to see me go, but trust me, it’s just as hard for me. But you don’t need to worry because you’ve prepared me so well to be a strong, independent woman; I mean, I learned from the best.

All the times you’ve told me you’re proud of me just encourage me to make you more proud. College is full of temptations- partying, drinking, drugs, sex, you name it and it’s here in the air. I just want you to know that I would never break your trust and the bond we have is so deep that no matter what happens, I’ll always tell you.

I know you’re worried about my well-being too. Am I eating right? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I happy? Am I stressed? Am I getting along well with others? You’ve taught me to put my health first. When I call you stressing about everything I have to do, you make it better by telling me I just need take everything one step at a time. You are my voice of reason. Your simple “Good morning baby” and “I love you” texts are all that I need to get me through the day.

With that being said, please don’t think I’m ignoring you when you call and I don’t answer or when I don’t reply to your texts for hours on end. I honestly wish I could sit and talk to you on the phone all day and tell you every little detail about my new life here in college. Things are just so busy. I have classes, tests, sorority meetings and events, volunteer projects, homework, and friends that want to hang out too. I really do try to make time to talk to you. You know I love you and want to share everything with you.

Mom, I don’t know how to thank you for everything. Over the past 18 years, you’ve been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my favorite person to take pictures with, and my best friend. I don’t think I would be as confident as I am right now going through life if it wasn’t for you. You’ve spent your entire life taking care of me and proving to me that you are strong and can get through life well off on your own. Now it’s my turn to prove to you the same thing. I want to show you the woman I can be because of you. You are my role model. Everything I do now, I do because of you. I promise I will show you that all your love and effort paid off and I will become the best person I know I can be. I will make you proud.

All my love,Maria 

Maria Nessim is a freshman at the University of Arkansas and is majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. Maria is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi. When she's not studying hanging out with her friends, Maria loves designing and writing and occasionally FaceTiming her chihuahua back home in Kansas City, Missouri.