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763 days: that is how long we Hog fans went without an SEC win. But that all changed last night in Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. The Razorbacks shocked us all and kicked the Tigers back home with a giant Golden Boot and a 17-0 win. And it was everything I have ever wanted. Fans stormed the field, knocked down the goal posts, bent fences and slapped the Hogs on the back. We stormed the field. For only the third time in Razorback history, that field was ours. For those who were not there, I have created the ultimate list of what it feels like to storm the field. 

First of all, it is emotional. I have been a Razorback fan for as long as I can remember, and I have always dreamt of storming the field. The fact that it was against LSU was even better.Then the adrenaline kicks in. We were pumped up like that whole game, but once the first person goes over that wall, it felt like we were unstoppable. We pushed through and ran to congratulate our team. The Razorbacks were hugging and snapping pictures with fans, glowing smiles across all their faces. There wasn't a Razorback fan there who was not smiling. It is a contagious feeling.

The crowd is absolutely insane. Everyone is pumped up and everyone wants a glimpse of The Boot being taken into the locker rooms. People cling to their friends as to not lose them in the craziness. Next thing you know, a football player walks by and the crowd goes nuts. People are patting his shoulder pads leaning back to their friends, "I touched him!" They are leaning forward to just get a simple photo with him and some people just straight up hugged the guy. 

Everyone wants a picture on Razorback field. People are laying down, climbing on other's shoulders and just about anything to snap the perfect picture. I'm also guilty as charged.

You cannot stop smiling. Hours after the win, there is still a huge smile across my face. After a win like that, can you blame me? 

17 straight SEC losses, we play the number 17 team, and win 17-0. Are the Hogs onto something here? Maybe, but all I really know is, we never yield. Go Hogs and let's keep the energy up for the Ole Miss game! (arkansasfight.com) 

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