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How Christmas Has Changed

As a child, Christmas is filled with magic. Now, it is more of a Griswold-Parker series of events. 

As a kid, your last week of school was full of food, friends, and par-tays.
Now, it is crammed and sleep deprived thanks to finals week.

As a kid, you didn’t have to worry about buying a tree, because mom and dad did all that. 
But in college, well…you get creative.

You could not wait to see all your family.

Now you see why your mother rolled her eyes when she heard Cousin Eddie was coming.

You can’t WAIT to go outside and build the coolest snowman in the neighborhood.
But in reality, you hate going out in the cold.

Kids look ecstatic on christmas
But then your grandma gives you an ugly sweater and you have to pretend to love it 

As children, Christmas has a certain magic about it. It is something we don’t get anymore and, in a way, it makes us a little sad. Because growing up sucks. 


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