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Five Last Minute Costume Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

In a time crunch for a Halloween costume? Use these five guides to create a quick and cute costume with things you most likely already have in your closet! 

Our take on this classic cartoon is extremely simple. Just grab a striped sweater and a simple red beanie, add thick black plastic glasses and you are good to go. Adding an old camera is always fun too! 


The epitome of college parties is the toga. It is an extremely simple and cute costume. Using a twin flat sheet of any color, wrap it around to your liking. Add a brown braided belt, gladiator sandals and a cute headband to complete the look. 

As if this outfit couldn’t be any comfier, it’s an iconic role for Tom Cruise and a costume that everyone can easily recognize. Wear a big white button up shirt, men’s boxers, tall socks and add some Ray Bans to pull it all together. 

It’s time to bring out those minnie mouse ears that you got at Disney World when you were little! Grab an oversized plain t-shirt, leggings and red shoes. Adding bright red lipstick to leave a kiss on the cheek of your Mickey will make it even more adorable.


This super fun and silly outfit embodies the person that nobody wants to be when they go on vacation. The hawaiian shirt is essential, along with khaki pants. We can’t forget the socks with sandals that almost everyone seems to wear, and a disposable camera to capture the memories. 


I love the number ten and anything with glitter.