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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

Each morning we wake up, brush our teeth (hopefully), take a shower with hot water, eat a yummy breakfast and begin our day.

This is a rarity for many people in this world.


You open up a package delivered to your doorstep, the one you ordered from the comfort of your queen size tempurpedic just one business day ago, all to find that your swimsuit indeed, came in the wrong shade of coral. How horrible. You run out of data on your brand new iPhone 6, complete with a polka dot Kate Spade case. Boo-hoo. These sound like absolute tragedies, don’t they?


These are the kind of things we call, “First World Probs”. Most people don’t even have computers or cell phones; or beds for that matter.


Okay, okay I’ll admit, I complain sometimes too. I often exaggerate that there is “nottttthing in this houseee to eat”. I whine about things like my mom getting the wrong kind of hummus for the third week in a row. It’s pretty ridiculous to complain about when 795 million people in the world don’t have enough food to eat.


Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you give”? Well, what if I said you can give while you get?

That’s right! There is something we all can do to give a helping hand and we can do it in style!

FEED: This is a company that started selling fashion bags to raise money to feed the world. That is a win win if I have ever heard one. This business has been able to provide over 87 million meals globally. Sport a FEED backpack around campus or show off that burlap on a weekend with the girls and help feed the world while doing it.


TOMS: This company’s ideals are based on the motto, “one for one”. They started out by selling 2 pair of shoes. One pair for you and the other which gets sent to someone in need in a third world country. You can go classic, fancy, even sassy with TOMS. Get your pair and spread the love.


1face: Now for some wrist candy. This is a watch, but it is not just a watch. It means so much more. 1face watches can support nine different causes. Each color supports something different! You truly do get to be the change you wish to see.

1 watch provides 73 days of schooling


1 watch helps find an animal a loving home


1 watches provide 1 charcoal efficient stove


4 watches provide a lifetime of water for 1 person


9 watches provide a mammogram


1 watch provides food for 10 people


1 watch supports 8 cancer patients


1 watch provides Aids treatment for 4 patients


Touch screen. Supports all causes


Adding a little love to your wardrobe is just one of many ways that you can help the globe! Get involved and spread the love in any way that you can. We are blessed to be this blessed. Take this blog as your starter pack and GO OUT AND CHANGE THE WORLD PEOPLE! As the great Michael Jackson would say,

Sydney Sanders is a student at the University of Arkansas though she calls Kansas City, Missouri her home. Sydney is studying visual design and plans to minor in marketing. She comes from a family of five- six if you count her fluffy white pooch, Charlie. When she isn't spending her days ingulfed in Netflix, homework, pinning apartment DIY's on Pinterest, and giving her girlfriends guy advice, Sydney likes to laugh. I'm not talking occasional giggles either! I'm talking crying, rolling on the floor, knee-slapping, snorting, really ugly laughing. She enjoys people and music of all kinds. She is the kind of girl who looks for fun everywhere she goes! Sydney is always ready for an adventure.