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A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

It’s about that time of year to turn over a new leaf (pun intended) in your wardrobe and embrace the colder weather with a few of our favorite fall things!


Thick or thin, fitted or two-sizes-too-big, you can’t possibly go wrong with a sweater in autumn. Sweaters can be dressed up with accessories, like a floppy hat, or a collared shirt underneath. They can also be dressed down and pulled over a comfortable tee-shirt with your favorite pair of leggings and running shoes. You can even wear your favorite oversized sweater as a sweater dress, with tights and booties. Whether you are going to class or brunch with the girls, this is a stylish and easy way to look cute and stay warm.


There are many styles of vests: slim, puffy, sporty, fleece or quilted, and many more. These too can be dressed up or down and are very versatile as far as incorporating them into your every day life. Don’t be afraid of a little faux fur to add some sass to your outfit, or adding a statement necklace. Here are some great outfit ideas for all styles of vests in various materials!


Thermals are another stylish way of keeping warm during the winter season! They can be worn underneath layers and cuffed on top to give some color or contrast, underneath a vest, or just by themselves! Many thermals have detail on the sleeves and are meant to stick out underneath outfits, all while providing extra warmth (think like a tight, constant textile hug). 

Oversized Scarves

The bigger, the better. Try a scarf with a pattern to make a plain or neutral outfit pop. Big scarves look best with boots or ankle booties and skinny jeans of any style, and a cardigan or blazer on top. A large scarf also functions as a pillow, you know, when desperate times call for desperate measures (or more coffee). You can also pair them with vests for a sportier look. 

Jordan is an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. She is a part of Alpha Omicron Pi, Schola Cantorum choral ensemble, and is majoring in English. Jordan is from Kansas City, Kansas, and loves to play the piano, sing, read and write!