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A Collegiette’s Guide to Traveling The World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

As I began preparing for my trip to Baltimore during fall break, I quickly realized that not many college students have the skills to plan a trip on their own. Using these tips and tricks will save you time, money and a lot of headaches when planning and taking a trip alone.

When Planning Your Trip:

·     Search Kayak, Expedia and other various travel sites for the cheapest price. These websites compare costs of many airlines that you can then choose from – traveling is not out of the question for a college student’s budget!

·      Are your dates flexible? Leaving a day before or later can drastically change your airline price.

·      Join a SkyMiles program, which is similar to a rewards program that you’ve seen in many stores. Airline programs can reward you with anything from discounts at restaurants to free flights.

·      Create a price alert on any airline’s website. Signing up for an alert will send you an email or push notification that will notify you of a price drop or increase for your airfare.

When You Pack:

·      Make a packing list. This will save you from forgetting important items. Making your packing list as early as three weeks in advance can be extremely helpful when you begin to gather everything together.

·      Roll your clothes. This will reduce wrinkles as you place them in your suitcase and save valuable space.

·      Do not forget insurance, identification cards, prescription medicines and passports.

·      Most airlines will allow you a carry-on bag for no charge. Even though there is a size requirement, most duffel bags, backpacks and small suitcases can be taken along. Using this method will save you at least $25 for each luggage item you check.   


Don’t Forget It! 

·      Bringing a cardigan or jacket with you on the plane will save you room in your luggage and keep you warm in case you get cold. This cute cardigan is from Target and will match almost any outfit you can imagine.

·      Use a small crossbody bag to prevent overpacking and give your shoulders a break. This bag from Rebecca Minkoff can be dressed up or down, depending on your outfit and comes in lots of cute colors.

·      Always bring an outfit that can be dressed up if needed, such as a nice button up top and riding boots. You never know when you’ll need to look a little nicer than usual.

·      A cute and bright luggage tag saves you time when searching through baggage claim in a sea of all black suitcases.

·      Having a layover that can be up to four hours long can be a huge pain. Most likely, the battery on your phone or laptop will run out. Having a backup charger will save your life and help you pass the time. 

Cardigan – Target / Crossbody – Rebecca Minkoff / Blouse – J.Crew Factory / Boots – Frye / Luggage Tag – Lilly Pulitzer / Mobile Battery – Lilly Pulitzer

I love the number ten and anything with glitter.