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Autumn Sehy

Meet Autumn Sehy, hailing from Michigan where she lived with her twin brother and her family before attending the University of Arkansas. When Autumn was thirteen, she moved to Texas, making her what she likes to call a “half-Texas-half-Michiganer”! Autumn is part of the Arkansas track and cross-country team, she is keeper of the ritual for her sisterhood, part of Advertising Club as well as a participating writer for the Arkansas Traveler. 

“Everything I do has an impact on me, but the track and cross-country team impacts me the most. Not only are my teammates incredible runners but they are also incredible people.” Autumn says. “I look up to all of my teammates and they teach me about hard work and dedication every single day, not only with running but with life as well.”

Autumn began a website her sophomore year of High School. “It was a part of a research project our school gave us the option of doing in order to give a class with regular weight the same weight as an AP course. I chose to study the monetization of blogs and how people can make a living from blogging. The Chic Teen was a basis for collecting data. I’ve been blogging on and off ever since.”

The biggest success is the feedback I have received from my website. My goal is to always have insightful and interesting content that’s well written. Fashion isn’t something that should be skin deep, but represent who you are as a person, and I feel that my website conveys that well.” 

Autumn admires her brother, Nick, because as Autumn believes that she is doing something successful, she always sees her brother moving one step ahead of her. Nick recenetly studied in India for two months and worked with one of the largest technology companies in the world. This summer, Nick is also doing a charity bike ride to help raise awarness and money for cancer research.

Fun Q & A:
1.) Would you rather forever live with two arms the size of your pink finger, or two legs the size of mini vans?
I would rather live with two arms the size of my pink finger because then I could still run.
2.) Who is your dream date and why?
My dream date would be a surprise trip to Paris. I’m a Parisian at heart. It’s the fashion capitol of the world and would be like my wonderland. In a feasible sense, anything relaxed. Hiking, coffeehouses, the best dates come from simple things.
3.) What song would you choose as your theme song?
“Everyday” by Buddy Holly. It’s really happy and I probably sing it at least once a day. Not to mention that Buddy Holly rocks some awesome thick-rimmed glasses and that I may have had the same ones as him a few years ago.
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