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8 Indicators You Live In A Sorority House

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

The srat mansion: where glitter spreads like wildfire, girl’s night is every night and late-night rendezvous in the kitchen turn into lifelong friendships.


1. There is at least one speck of glitter for every square inch of the house.

Glitter is the bane of living in a sorority house, but what banner or craft is complete without a little sparkle?


2. You have worn more of your sister’s clothes than your own.

And you probably spilled something on her shirt, and are now on your way to Starbucks to get her whatever her heart desires to gain her forgiveness (spoiler alert: she values your friendship more than her $16 blouse).


3. There is glitter on 95% of your possessions.

At this point, you convince yourself that you don’t mind the glitter… then you have to dust glitter off your mascara and decide that you hate it again.


4. Seeing a boy inside the house throws you off completely.

When you live with so many girls, sometimes you forget that the opposite gender even exists… until you get a text from your roommate that there is free pizza in the kitchen, come flying downstairs wearing the same clothes you have been wearing around the house for five days and you almost take down the dreamiest frat boy you have ever seen. It happens (and in the end, the pizza is so worth it).


5. You have folded other people’s laundry as often, if not more than your own.

What goes around comes around, especially in the laundry room. It is always a day-maker when you go to fold your laundry and it is already done for you.


6. There is even glitter in your bed…

…which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I woke up like this”.


7. You are probably still missing that one thing you let your sister borrow… two months ago.

You are not really concerned about it either, because you are bound by the laws of coincidence to see her at least once more throughout the course of the year.


8. You have met your best friends, even if you don’t know it yet.

Honestly, the fact that all of these girls fit in so well with each other and live together starts to freak you out. Sometimes it will seem to good to be true, but your sisters will always be there to stand by you or lift you up when you need some strength. So even though there is glitter haunting your every step, cherish this gigantic sleepover with your sisters while you have the chance.

Jordan is an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. She is a part of Alpha Omicron Pi, Schola Cantorum choral ensemble, and is majoring in English. Jordan is from Kansas City, Kansas, and loves to play the piano, sing, read and write!