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5 Ways to Style Old and Thrifted Pieces

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

Everyone loves shopping until you look at your bank statement and realize, yikes, you did not have all that money to spend. However, there are other ways to buy fashionable outfits without breaking the bank. My personal favorite is thrift shopping. There’s something so unique about finding something old, and making it something new. These are 5 pieces that you can find at your local thrift store, that can become something amazing all by the way you style them.


I picked up a pair of black Gap overalls with the tags still attached (just another reason why you should go thrifting, because they were originally $70!) and paired them with a bright yellow top with ruffled sleeves and red checkered Vans. I also decided to cut the hem of the pants to create a fringed look, and then all I had to do was throw them in the wash for natural distressing. Overalls can feel so effortless, yet still appear to be put together with the combination of a fun/statement blouse underneath.


Oversized T-shirt

Everyone has an old XXL t-shirt that is possibly the comfiest piece in their closet but is never worn out of the house. With that being said, I believe they can be layered tastefully to appear that more effort was involved. I paired my favorite thrift tie-dye t-shirt with a fun turtleneck, gold accessories, and Nike air forces with mesh socks. This look can be toned way down with a neutral shirt or turtleneck combination, but then again, a pop of color never hurt anyone.


Denim Dress

An essential piece of every wardrobe is a denim dress. It can be worn with just about anything and can make you look so put together without much effort, once again. I found this denim dress that had already been bleached and a pocket sewn on the front. It already had been given much love, so I attempted to bring it back to life. I decided to pair this dress with a pink sweatshirt for an easy fall “go to class” look that provided 10/10 comfort. I also added mesh socks and Nike Air Forces to complete the look. 



Old Vintage Tee

I think owning too many t-shirts is a problem that every girl faces, but we forget that they don’t always have to be for lounging or staying at home all day. I picked up this pastel yellow t-shirt with a small palm tree logo, and it is now one of my go-to shirts to throw on and wear with literally ANYTHING. For this look, I styled it with some black and white striped pants, a fun thrifted belt and Nike Air Forces. This look could go in so many different directions, such as pairing it with denim jeans or some high-waisted shorts during warmer weather.


Miniskirt or Skort 


Last, but certainly not least, the one piece every closet must have: the perfect MINISKIRT. As the weather changes, a fun way to dress up any dull look is with a bold skirt or skort. I bought a pink terrycloth skort at the thrift store and little did I know how much I could pair it with, not to mention it is my absolute favorite color…PINK. For this look, my go-to is to pair it with a black tank, cropped Coca-Cola top and red Vans. Again, this could be accessorized in many different ways, so I used a pink hair scarf to tie the pink theme together. I found this outfit so easy to go to class in, and I was still extremely comfortable.



I am an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development major at the University of Arkansas. I am interested in fashion design and creating a style that is unique and one of a kind.
Haven King

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