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38 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Waiting For Him to Text Back

1. El-Oh-El he is so obsessed with me.

2. Seriously he wants me so bad.

3. I mean duh, look at me, my manicure is on point.

4. My new mascara is looking good, too.

5. I wish I was a boy, then I wouldn’t have to wear mascara.

6. Mmmm it’s been 4 minutes.

7. I know he is by his phone…


8. Why hasn’t he texted me back?

9. Let me see if he checked my snap chat story.

10. …he checked my snap chat story.

11. He probably is mesmerized by my story.

12. Watching it over and over again.

13. I mean I watch my own story over and over again.

14. Of course he is, too.

15. It’s been 45 minutes.


16. He probably fell asleep.

17. No.

18. It’s 6:30 he, is not asleep.

19. Did I even text him back?

20. Of course I did, I’m perfect.

21.   *coordinates with roommates to see if what I said was acceptable*

22.   It was.

23.   Seriously wtf.


24. I hate him. 

25. I hate boys.

26.   *four hours later*

27.   I am so over him.

28. On to the next one…

29. Maybe I should flirty text that guy in my Comp II class.


30.   *texts new boy* 

31. *old boy texts back*


32. “Sorry I was in class” – old boy.

33.   “Oh it’s okay! I was super busy today”- you.

34.   I knew he would text me back.

35.   He was obsessed, duhhh.

36.   “Hey! What’s up?”- boy in Comp II class.

37.   “Oh I was just wondering what the homework was”- you.

38.   *locks yourself in bedroom with wine dying of embarrassment*


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