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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arkansas chapter.

1 Your best friends are the first people you call when you have news too juicy for your mom to hear. Speed texting gossip to your goofy-named group message, there is nothing more riveting.                                                                                             


2  Your girls are willing stay up with you until sunrise when you are in need of a vent session. They take shape of your mom when dishing out motherly advice during your monthly mental breakdown. 


3  We have all had the moment when you friend acts just like your dad would when meeting a new boy for the first time. You catch your bestie leaning in to the new guy whispering something along the lines of “I know where you live, you hurt her and you can kiss your balls goodbye.”


Just like a twin sister, you guys do everything together. You guys are so close you already know what the other is thinking without saying a word. Many people have asked if you guys are twins on multiple occasions and you often catch yourselves saying the same thing at the same time. 

“Wanna get sushi!?” “Jinks!!” in perfect unison. 


 Whenever you need a big sister you go straight to your besties. They never fail to give you the advice you need and they always build you up. 


More girls equals more clothes. Much like a little sister, your girl friends will happily open their inventory of crop tops and bootie heels. Your girls know exactly what you are talking about when you ask for their one pair of jeans that make your butt look fantastic. They will even break you the news when it’s time to retire your sandals you’ve had since the 7th grade. 



Like a brother, your girlfriends always got your back. 





Even when you just need to talk, girlfriends will act like your adorable fluffy dog and just listen. 


9 Nobody wants to disappoint their grandmother. You don’t wanna disappoint your girls either. You never want to embarrass your girls when you are out and have had a few too many. They keep you on track, always trying to make them proud. 



10 You are craving mexican food but you are so broke, what do you do? You call your BFF. You know she is also craving that bean burrito she always orders. It’s like asking your grandpa to lunch, they are flatter for the invite and lunch is on them!



11  Your gal pals are like the fun aunt. They bring out your wild side and they won’t tell your parents. 



12 Your Aunt can always get you out of your breakup funk. Your girls do that too!mThey drag you out of bed, away from the Ben&Jerry’s carton and into your fun pants for a night on the town.



13  Cousins are for being really weird and making dance routines and home videos. So are girl friends. You can always count them in for a snow-day movie-day filled with being complete weirdos and lots of snacks!



14 Every time you see that one crazy relative, whom of which you actually aren’t sure how you are related, they end up accidentally insulting you. Your girlfriends will do the same and always shoot you straight. They will tell you to put more clothes on or tell you when you are being way too dramatic.


15 Having a group of girls is a blessing and a curse. You are so close its like having extra extended family. This means you talk to their mom like she is you own. It also means more people to have to approve of your current boyfriend. 




Just like family, your gal pals will always be there. They love you for you! Always, always, always cherish your girlfriends because they are family you get to choose.

Sydney Sanders is a student at the University of Arkansas though she calls Kansas City, Missouri her home. Sydney is studying visual design and plans to minor in marketing. She comes from a family of five- six if you count her fluffy white pooch, Charlie. When she isn't spending her days ingulfed in Netflix, homework, pinning apartment DIY's on Pinterest, and giving her girlfriends guy advice, Sydney likes to laugh. I'm not talking occasional giggles either! I'm talking crying, rolling on the floor, knee-slapping, snorting, really ugly laughing. She enjoys people and music of all kinds. She is the kind of girl who looks for fun everywhere she goes! Sydney is always ready for an adventure.