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10 Things All Girls With Impossibly High Standards Will Understand

Every once and a while someone who has hurt me passes through my mind. I can’t even help it. My anxiety fuels this fear of being alone. Society, media, education, family- literally everyone has trained us to believe that one day prince charming will prance into your life with all the answers to your problems and save you from the bulls%&t excuses you make for yourself. That is not reality, and sadly, your past hinders your future.



However; regardless of how bad my anxiety about the future is, I will never let it control who I want, who I love, and who I surround myself with.



I see so many married couples who are incredibly unhappy. When I envision my life as being one of those couples, I literally cringe. I do not want a marriage centered around regret and resentment towards my partner. In my naive mind, I want to be with someone who I am constantly in awe of and who makes me want to be a better person. I don’t want to be watching Netflix for the next 50 years on a couch.



What terrifies me the most though is how many non-married couples I know who are unhappy. I’ve been trapped in unhealthy relationships before that made me question my sanity hourly; however I cannot imagine staying in those relationships forever. Which is why I will never apologize for having impossibly high standards.



The list of standards most women possess could literally go on and on and on and to be perfectly honest; the list would not make sense at all.



  1. You instantly know if you like someone. You don’t take weeks to develop feelings and you fall incredibly hard when you find someone who you click with, much to your pride’s dismay.

  2. Being dumped is the worst thing imaginable and however much that destroys your pride, it’s okay to not be what someone needs or wants. Yet, a break up to you isn’t a time to mope and whine, it is the time for self improvement. You recognize your worth and will not let someone else define it.

  3. It. Such a broad term that means everything. If someone doesn’t posses “it” then the relationship is already going to be on it’s way out, and quick. Typically in 2-3 weeks.

  4. You don’t accept excuses; honesty is the best policy and if you can’t relate to them on a basic level, then you have absolutely no time for games.

  5. You’ve dated exceptional men, and although they may not have turned out to be who you needed or vice versa, they still taught you valuable lessons and unfortunately, these lessons eternally taunt you.

  6. You come off as a heartless biatch- and only your closest friends understand that you actually feel emotions very deeply. This throws off every guy you meet.

  7. You refuse to be taken advantage of – ever. You know your value and will not be lowered in any sense of the meaning. Losing a battle is not an option even if it means you lose everything.

  8. The smallest thing will make you despise someone. You are passionate and know your stuff too, so when a guy doesn’t align with this, they are gone.

  9. You will pick a fight just to see if their rebuttal is worthy. You can’t have everything perfect – a little heated passion makes you fall in love all over again as perverse as that sounds. You crave the drama associated with emotions.

  10. You see the line between confident and cocky and prefer your men to literally walk that line. You need someone driven and excited about their future. You don’t want someone with lackluster dreams and you do not want someone who doesn’t believe in your dreams.

University of Arkansas Kappa Delta attempting to go through college while maintaining a social life. 
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