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woman taking pictures near handrail
woman taking pictures near handrail
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What His Snapchat Really Means

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arizona chapter.

Guys are confusing enough, but when it comes to snapchat, it is close to impossible to know what your boy toy is really saying. Let’s break it down and figure out what the hell a guy is trying to tell you when he sends you a picture of half his face with no caption or a rainbow pouring out of his mouth.

The dark screen at 2am that says “Hey”: 

This is probably the most common snap among teenage guys. This snap is saying, “I’m in the dark, so I’m in bed thinking about you. It’s late and I’m horny and bored.”Or this snap could be saying, “I look like crap so I’m not going to turn the light on in this snap.” (We’ve all been there).

Gym Pics:

These snaps are usually pictures of him lifting his shirt to show his abs, captioned, “working out lol.” This guy’s trying to show off how ripped and athletic he is, even though this is probably his third trip to the gym in a year. These snaps can be attractive because what girl doesn’t want a motivated guy? But ladies, if he’s wearing a bro tank it’s a hard pass.

The Male Model (Agency: Snapchat): 

This guy probably sends you endless pics of just his face, with no caption. Basically, he’s illiterate but knows how to work his angles. He just wants you to know that his cheekbones could cut glass and thinks that Calvin Klein is missing out hard core. One or two of these snaps are nothing to be concerned about, but if it is 247, you have a fuckboy on your hands.

The filter abuser:

Yikes. These snaps can be funny…sometimes. Who doesn’t want to see your boy looking like the pornstache cop, or like an adorable puppy dog? The snapchat filters can be cute, until they’re not. Let’s stay that you send a snap to your man that you took a million times to get the right lighting, captioned, “Missin’ you babe,” and he replies with the Bob Marley filter. No. Just no. Girls, here is a solid piece of advice: marry a man who uses the snap filters in moderation.