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Voices Worth Remembering

We all have our favorite singers but there are some that are worth listening to and it may be because of their velvety/silky/sexy voice or their creative life changing lyrics so this week I wanted to talk to you guys about two amazing men. The first is the amazing Michael Bublé and the second is someone that isn’t from around here, Olly Murs. You are probably wondering why you should listen to their albums but I say, why not? They both have amazingly different qualities that should not go unnoticed.


I actually love Michael Bublé because of his wonderfully velvety, silky voice that can give anyone chills, it’s just so perfect but I wouldn’t say that I am the only one that loves him; I actually decided to talk about him because this album came out on the 23rd of April and it has already made the top albums list on iTunes. After listening to this new album of his, To be Loved, my favorites would have to be Close Your Eyes, You Got A Friend in Me, I Got it Easy and Young at Heart. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the entire album because I can never get enough of Bublé but those were my absolute favorite. Close Your Eyes was great because there seems to be something powerful when you mix Michael Bublé’s voice and a slow tempo; this song is literally something that you can relax and unwind to so I definitely recommend listening to it. Toy Story, You Got a Friend in Me, ‘nough said. I Got it Easy is another one like Close Your Eyes and the reason I like this one is because of how beautiful it is and how he opens the song with a really deep and sexy voice. Lastly, Young at Heart is a song that sounds like it belongs in a 50’s movie, listen to it and you’ll know what I’m talking about. So go open your Spotify, your iTunes, anything but just go listen to the album.

Olly Murs is the second artist that I want to tell you about and he is one that I recently became obsessed with. He actually isn’t from the U.S., he is from England and I mean I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection when it comes to a singer from England, just look at Adele and One Direction. His album Right Place Right Time finally hit U.S. iTunes this week, which is really exciting because now I can buy his album and obsess over his lyrics. I think that that is my favorite Olly Murs quality; he has some pretty creative lyrics that actually mean something. This album includes his hit single, Troublemaker featuring Flo Rida and if you love that song then you will love this entire album. However after listening to the entire album, I had an all time favorite; my favorite is Dear Darlin’ which kind of hurt my soul while listening, I might have even teared up a little bit, it was just so great and the words were lovely. Oh, and I think it’s adorable that you can kind of hear his accent when he sings. I don’t want to say anymore because I want you to go out and give this guy a chance because he really is great. So like I said about Michael Bublé, go open your Spotify or iTunes and listen to what he has to say.

This is all I have for you this week but be sure to check in every week for new entertaining events that I have attended at the University of Arizona, new music news, new movie news and everything happening in the lives of your favorite celebrities

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