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Thanksgiving Foods For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Yams
Sometimes your optimism is just a little much to handle, similar to the flavor of Yams. People either cover their plate with them or want them to stay on the other side of the table. That’s you!

Taurus: Turkey 

This stubborn and persistent personality fits in just perfectly with the main dish at every Thanksgiving. But at least we know we can depend on you like we can depend on having turkey every year on Thanksgiving.

Gemini: Stuffing 
Your clever, imaginative, and adaptable personality has you stuck with the always changing recipes and types of stuffing. Change can be great when it comes to stuff like you.

Cancer: Gravy
Gravy tastes a little different at every different Thanksgiving celebration… but it always tastes great and makes you feel good. Just like you do.

Leo: Mashed Potatoes 
You’re as generous as the amounts of mashed potatoes on the table… but lets not mistake that for insult. The more the mashed potatoes… the better the Thanksgiving.

Virgo: Dinner Rolls
One thing everyone can count on across the Thanksgiving eating world is delicious, yet very reliable dinner rolls. They never change and they never stop tasting amazing… but add a little butter this time around, it might soften you up for the day so you’re not overthinking everything.

Libra: Corn
A long time ago Indians traded corn to the pilgrims and from that came peace and a diplomatic, idealistic way of living. Living your life with all of these similar characteristics, corn is fitting for you. 

Scorpio: Red Wine
You already know you’re the most passionate thing at the table…

Sagittarius: Cranberry Sauce
You stand at the table and command attention. You don’t give a damn whether anyone eats you or not… but you’re gonna be at the table, no matter what.

Capricorn: Mac & Cheese 
Whether its easy-mac or homemade from scratch mac & cheese, it always feels like it takes to long to make.. because we want to eat it so bad, right now. However, similar to you Capricorn, it takes patience and it is well worth the wait. 

Aquarius: Green Beans 
Because of your humanitarian outlook on life, you’re the greenest veggie on the table. 

Pisces: Pumpkin Pie
You’re as devoted as can be and luckily for us we can always count on pumpkin pie at the dessert table because you’ll never let us down.

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