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Super-Sexualized Super Bowl Ads


Commercials aired during the Super Bowl have become nearly as famous as the game itself. It has become a tradition for many to tune in just to see what crazy things companies have come up with.

Companies shell out millions just for 30 seconds worth of airtime on this day. Even after the day is over, the buzz on these commercials continue on YouTube. People await these commercials expecting only the funniest, craziest and sexiest clips. They say “sex sells” but are these infamous ads going a little overboard?

The Go Daddy’s Perfect Match commercial seems to be most memorable. For those who missed out this commercial features smokin’ swimsuit model, Bar Refaeli, an uncomfortable make-out session with a curly-haired brainiac.

Breanne Aparan, a freshman Speech and Hearing major, described the commercial as “gross.”

Even the males featured in these commercials have become sexualized. The Calvin Klein “Concept” commercial featured a young, cut male model posing in his undies. The product itself is meant for males, however the commercial itself featured a sexy male model–something more appealing to the females.

            Whatever it may be that companies are trying to sell, Arizona students are seeing beyond the advertising ploy.

“Maybe they’re trying to target a younger audience or maybe they’re trying to be funny, but I don’t think it’s necessary,” said Louis Goodman, sophomore Political Science major. “It’s not going to change their product.”

The commercials catch viewers attention but it’s in question whether or not they get companies sales.

“I think they’re memorable but they’re not necessarily going to make consumers buy anything from them,” said Samantha Danner, freshman Business major.

Mo is a 21-year-old journalist/video-blogger from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is currently a senior at the Univeristy of Arizona's Journalism School and is interested in youtube, journalism, beauty, Harry Potter and more. To learn more about Mo visit her website at www.mothejournalist.com
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