An Open Letter to the College Freshmen

As you pull up into your dorm parking lot, you can’t help but think about all of the amazing times you’re going to have with your new friends, living a new adult life on your own. You unpack your things and hang up the artwork you had hanging in your room at home to make the pale white dorm walls seem a little less bland.

You wave goodbye to your parents, and they drive away. There you are. Standing alone at college. You are about to embark on the greatest four-year journey of your life.

For most students, the first weeks of school are filled with new encounters, new parties, new friends, and a new world to explore. For others, the first semester as a freshmen is one of the most difficult things. Sometimes meeting new people may not be easy, or you feel out of place and are not sure where to turn.

As a freshman, I was extremely anxious and overwhelmed to be on my own in a new place where I didn’t know anyone. I felt like I didn’t belong at my school, and desperately wanted to transfer.

As the weeks went by, I began meeting more people and discovering new things around the school that reminded me of home, or made me feel comfortable. If you are a freshman and are reading this…keep reading. I am about to provide you with three tips that I stay true to as a college student myself.

Focus on the here and now.

When feeling overwhelmed at school, it’s easy to think about how amazing it was if college would fly by so you could graduate and complete school for the rest of your life (at least I do that when I feel anxious). DON’T DO THAT. College is one of the greatest things a person gets to experience for only four years. You have the rest of your life

Stay organized.

In such a chaotic atmosphere, it’s crucial to stay organized and on top of your tasks. It may sound cliché, but being organized is one of the best traits you can have for any given circumstance. Grab a planner and start writing down all of your due dates, appointments and assignments. Make it fun by using different colored highlighters or even getting a cute planner. You’ll thank me later.

Reserve an hour a day for yourself.

Whether it is exercising, meditating, or even reading a book. Keeping an hour of the day for yourself is extremely important. It allows you to clear your head and focus on the tasks you need to do for the day. Also, exercising an hour a day reduces stress, and helps you think more clearly!

Thanks for reading, I hope you find these tips useful and can carry them with you for the rest of your life!