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My 19th Birthday Disaster

Disclaimer: Can I just say I don’t support underage drinking but let’s be real girls we all know it happens.(I’m not judging, trust me) So with that being said If you or your friends are planning on drinking make sure you stay safe. Don’t get in the car with a driver that has been drinking, no matter their extent.

It was Friday March 4th, two days before my birthday. I had skipped my last discussion class to go to the mall and find an outfit for my birthday weekend. (because apparently one day isn’t enough for me) I was going for a P-diddy all white party theme so the dress code was white. My friends and I searched for three hours in Forever 21 before deciding on a white peplum dress and strappy black high heels. The plan was to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory before hitting up a couple of addresses we’d received from a friend. Once I got back from the mall I had to immediately start getting ready for the dinner. Now pay close attention because this my friends is where things started to take the turn for the worst. After I was done with my hair and makeup I put on my dress. While I was zipping it up the zipper got snagged on a piece of fabric and broke. It started to unravel from the bottom, one wrong move and it would be unsalvageable. I was in peer shock, I didn’t know what to do or how to fix it. When I tried to take the dress of it ripped yet another time in the middle of my side causing my underwear to show from a gaping hole. Why was this happening to me? Was it because tehnically it wasn’t my birthday for another 56 hours? Was I being penalized for lying? My reservation was set for 7:30 and it was currently 6:50 What I planned on wearing was no longer an option. So after five minutes of me staring at the walls I picked my torn dress of the ground, threw it in my closet and started looking for something else to wear. I didn’t own anything white. I despise wearing white because of how easy it is to get dirty, ain’t nobody got time for that. So I went door to door to all the girls on my floor asking if I could borrow anything white. It didn’t even have to be white at this point I would have settled for egg shell. But still like a bad horror film I had no luck finding my way out of this one, no one had anything I could borrow. So there I was at my own birthday where the dress code is white, wearing my black and blue interview dress. Instead of acting like a complete brat I put on my big girl thong and decided to have a good time.

You know what I’ll just skip to the good part. Blah Blah Blah the food was delicious. Blah Blah Blah after we were done we Lyfted back. Blah Blah Blah we got changed and headed to the first address on the list.  When we got to the party we met up with our other friend (let’s just call him) Tom. Tom happened to bring a friend along with him ahhhh…. Jerry. (Jerry was cute by the way) After spending no more than 15 minutes at the party we decided to leave. But my friend Kaylin was not leaving without a party favor. So she took a huge handle of jungle juice for the road. There were five of us seven including Tom and Jerry. The party was all the way at The Ketchup (U of A students should catch on) and we couldn’t afford to buy a Lyft back so we decided to catch a free ride with Tom and Jerry. Five of us girls squeezed up in the back of a 3 setter car like some ethnic happy clown family.

We rode around for a bit before Tom decided that we should go to a Hookah Lounge. On our way to the Lounge we ended up seeing another group of students get pulled over by the cops. I should’ve known that was a sign of what was soon to come. Not thinking much of it we continue to drive on. Despite Tom strange driving and him almost getting us in an accident at one point I was having a pretty decent time. During the ride my friend Penelope handed me her cup of jungle juice. I’d take a couple sips here and there and before I knew it half the cup was gone. Another 10 minutes passed by and we finally pulled up into a parking lot. As soon as Tom put the car in park we saw a police car pull up right behind us. The red, white and blue lights shining through the back window sent me into a panic. It was right then I realised that we were in some deep Sh*t.

To Be Continued………..

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