The Loving Stitch Products Keep Memories Alive

The Loving Stitch is a company creates custom T-shirts, quilts, pillows and, bags using the customers own materials.

Prices for quilts range from 89 dollars to 235 dollars.

Prices for pillows T-shirts and bags also vary. The Loving Stitch accepts PayPal and mail check payments. Communications can be completed over the phone and through email.

 Kayli Pearsall started her company in 2001. Her business based out of Orange California has operated under different names. It became The Loving Stich in 2008. Growing up Pearsall always kept a T-shirt for the most critical events in her life.

 “I was not willing to get rid of those memories,” Pearsall said.

Pearsall recalls a homecoming football game during her senior year of high school and her college sorority initiation as her most impactful T-shirts.

“Every T-Shirt has a memory, and every memory has a T-Shirt,” Pearsall said.

Pearsall graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in sociology. Her college experience inspired her to pursue a passion.

She worked other jobs and careers to have reliable income because Pearsall and her husband had to care for their children. However, she never lost sight of her goal to start a stitching business.

She stitched on the side hoping to earn enough money to make it her primary revenue stream someday. Pearsall dealt with people skeptical of her ambition.

“It took years of tenacity and persistence,” Pearsall said.

Pearsall believes she can offer customers more options than other stitch designers.

“It’s not {just} a traditional grandma quilt,” Pearsall said.

Pearsall said graphic T-shirts are becoming more popular.

It has taken on its own world,” Pearsall said.

She encourages women to go after their goals even if they are not able to achieve them overnight.

Dana Armstrong is a customer of The Loving Stich. She enjoys running. She has custom T-shirts made in honor of a friend who passed away.

“They are a little bit worn because the T-shirts belonged to her. They are special because they have dates on them,” Armstrong said.

                                                         Dana Armstrong poses with a quilt designed by The Loving Stitch

The Loving Stitches’ mailing address is 7617 Appaloosa Trail

Orange, California 92869.

Customers can expect their order completed within three to four weeks.

For more information visit