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Joel Kanter, UA’s Hidden Talent


Although this may be one of his many passions, this Human Biology major has decided to keep this talent as a hobby and share his work for pure enjoyment. Throughout the past 15 years or so Joel has created countless pieces of original art work that continues to wow each individual lucky enough to see his collection.


I became aware of Joel’s talent while studying abroad in Israel for a freshman program. He had created an unbelievable menorah (lamp) that expressed the view of Israel’s landscaping through his own eyes. While everyone else  used glitter and glue, Joel took his menorah to a whole new level. He now has pieces of work up in the UA campus Hillel for everyone to enjoy.


He describes his work as diverse and works with which ever creative force comes to mind. Sketching and thorough preparation is not his style, he said. He prefers to begin a project and see where it takes him. His work has been inspired by many muses and as he continues to travel and experience all facets of life, his work will continue to flourish.



Full Name:Joel Kanter

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Year in School: Senior

Major: Human Biology




When did you first become interested in Art? 

I have been doing art since kindergarten because my teacher was also the art teacher.


What inspires your work?

I like making things that interest me, for example I once made a sculpture of a life size buffalo because I had never seen one and I wanted to see what it would look like made out of scrap metal.



Do you think you will ever do this as a profession?   

No, there’s no money in it.  But I like it as a hobby.         


What types of materials/ mediums do you most enjoy working with?

Really any type of material I can get my hands on whether that be some scrap metal or blocks of wood. I enjoy experimenting with various mediums to help expand my work base.


How long on average does it take you to complete a piece?

On average I would say anywhere from one week to a month.



What is your favorite piece ever completed?

It would be the great white shark I made that is coming out of a car hood.



If you could travel anywhere in the world to find inspiration for your work where would it be? 

Africa. The unique cultural trends to the art you see all over Africa are a continuous

inspiration. It would be cool to travel there myself and observe their work first hand.




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