If Apps Declared College Majors at Arizona

We've all been there. The stress of deciding what you want want to major in. To be honest, we all know when it comes down to it, majors can tell a lot about a person- what their dislikes and likes are all about. Imagine if apps became college students and had to declare their college major at the University of Arizona, what do you think they’d choose?

Snapchat: Film & Video Studies

Snapchat's purpose to record moments and share it to your close friends and family, which is why Film & Video Studies would be perfect. At the University of Arizona Snapchat will excel at what they feel comfortable with, learning about producing videos and broadcasting them to the world. 


Instagram: Communications

At the University of Arizona, the Communication major teachers students how to structure their environment and determine how their relationships with others work. Instagram would definitely be a student you would see in your classes, especially eager to learn about social influence and persuasion.


Facebook: Psychology  

Throughout Facebook's four year of college, they have blossomed from venting about their lives and commenting on other's, but now that they're a senior they have chosen to spend their time preaching for and against conservative topics. Their major, Psychology, can mostly be held responsible for this.


Pinterest: Studio Arts

Pinterest knew from their high school days where they would be creating DIY projects out of anything they could get their hands on that they should declare their major as Studio Arts. They would love the different areas of art that the University of Arizona allows one to specify in. 


Tumblr: English Literature 

The website Tumblr can be commonly known for their gifs on movies as well their interpretations on English literature, which is why as UA college students they would excel in the major of English Literature. They will find the academic debates on different interpreters of the required readings fascinating.


Tinder: Marketing

Tinder is all about leaning how market yourself to other people, and once one succeeds at that they'll be finding many girls sliding into their messages. With already adept skills, learning the logistics of marketing would definitely come naturally to them. They'd be excelling at all their exams without even trying, kind of like people who commonly use the app.


Youtube: Music Performance

Youtube has always loved listening and watching music, and finally after years of practice they have finally succeeding in learning how to play the guitar and sing. When they got their accepted letter to University of Arizona, they were ecstatic at the idea of learning more about music.  

Twitter: Journalism

At the University of Arizona the major of Journalism teaches students how to face the challenging world of writing in print, broadcast, and of course, the media. Twitter would thrive seeing as they already have tons of followers who re-preach everything they say.