Halloween Décor Ideas

The month of October is meant for warm sweaters, great smelling candles, chai lattes, and most importantly, HALLOWEEN!!

Her Campus at the University of Arizona has compiled a list of must-have holiday decorations and DIY activities!

Twig Covered Candle

This decoration is not only easy and fun, but is also a cute decoration for any time during the year, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for twigs. If you live in the middle of the desert,Michael’s sells twigs..

Get a hot glue gun and stick those babies on a glass cup or your favorite fall candle. Enjoy!


Things you will need:


Glass cup or candle

Hot glue gun

Glitter Leaves

Real or fake, these glitter leaves are the perfect fall decoration to hang anywhere around your apartment, dorm, or even house.

Grab some fake leaves from Michael’s, or even find some real ones around your neighborhood and cover them with Modge Podge.

After you have painted the leaves, sprinkle glitter on them and wait for them to dry. After your beautiful leaves have dried, cover them in one more layer of Modge Podge to protect the glitter from falling off.

When the second layer of Modge Podge has dried, use a hole punch to puncture each leaf. Get some cute ribbon and hang them wherever you desire.


Things you will need:

Leaves (real or fake)

Glitter (a few different colors)

Modge Podge


Hole punch



Painted Pumpkins (glitter or non)

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? First, take a little field trip to your local pumpkin patch, or grocery store. Paint your pumpkins with your favorite fall color, or if you want to make glitter pumpkins, paint them with Modge Podge. After the Modge Podge or paint has dried, cover them with glitter and display them around your humble abode.


Things you will need:



Modge Podge