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Giggles By Jones

David Beckham. The moon.
If you have not been to Cactus Moon, you are missing out on life. Sure most of the people that go are a white trash bash, but it’s scattered with a few U of A students. I hadn’t listened to country music until I came to U of A. The names Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, and Miranda Lambert were all big question marks until I ventured to the desert. We went to the Moon Wednesday night. I don’t know if it was because all of us were in Boots or the 25 cent vodka tonics, but everyone was the definition of Carrie Underwood’s hit, “Flat on the Floor.”
My friends got so wild at one point people just stopped and were staring at us. The country girl of the group, Lexi, was on the stage pounding her boots to the beat of “Country Girl.” I just learned that song one week ago and love it. The next morning I was obviously still drunk because at 8 AM I was driving to Starbucks with the windows rolled down, the music turned all the way up blasting Carrie Underwood’s “Undo it,” hand motions involved.
            The next day I wanted to undo my hangover. Woof. Struggles. I thought that perhaps a nice workout would cure it. Obviously, my judgement was impaired still at 4 PM. My friend Jen and I went to the Rec to take a class. I looked like a tomato the whole time. Jen and I were both panting doing Cardio and some type of Kickboxing. Note to self. Don’t go to the gym hung over or you’re asking to vomit. I didn’t, but I couldn’t help but recall freshman year. We had just had recruitment practice and I was of course hung over. I went to Chipotle hoping it would cure my hangover. I felt better and went to the gym which is the size of a closet and similar to a sauna. The windows were always steamy. Long story short I ended up running to the 7th floor Coronado study room and vomiting. Ultimate woof.

But besides that, David Beckham is in Tucson. I’m a fan but not to the point where I have his picture hanging in my room. I have been determined to find him. He is hiding from me. There was a rumor that he would be at the U of A basketball game. Lies. My friend Jen and I almost bought tickets that were being scalped outside of the Rec on Thursday. I have a feeling I will see him, but it will not be up at La Encantada or Zinburger. I have a feeling it will be at the Super Target on Oracle, in the produce section. We will both be reaching for a grapefruit and then he will introduce himself…. But if that doesn’t happen, I guess I will have to live through my friend Michelle Pitchford who was this bar/ restaurant called union and found him. Whatever. We’ll meet some day…. 

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