Get Wavy Beach Hair Without The Beach


We all want gorgeous, wavy beach hair, but unfortunately, the nearest ocean is nowhere in sight in Arizona’s dry, desert terrain. Have no fear though; you can still get mermaid locks without spending a day playing amongst the waves. With just a few simple ingredients and a little mixing, people will wonder if you’ve just spent a weekend in San Diego:

You will need:

An empty spray bottle

Two cups of warm/hot water

One tbs. of sea salt

One tbs. of coconut oil (can be found at a Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods or your local grocery store)

One tbs. of hair gel or conditioner (if you do not have any gel or conditioner, no worries. It’s optional)

Mix all of these ingredients thoroughly in your bottle and spray fairly generously on wet or damp hair. If desired, braid or twist several sections of hair for even stronger waves. For a tighter look braid more sections of hair with smaller strands and for more loose, flowing waves, grab bigger locks of hair. Between two and eight braids will usually work best. After your hair dries, unravel the braids, scrunch and tousle your hair a bit and you’re all set, beach babe.