The Five Types of Boys on Your Snapchats

1. The Boy Who Can’t Catch the Hint


You met him a while ago, and for some stupid reason that you’ll always regret, you got his snapchat. It was fun while it lasted, or really wasn’t, and that’s why it ended, but nevertheless, it’s over and he still seem to get the hint. He’ll still randomly snap you a picture him studying or a picture of his dog, only reminding you he won’t get the hint that you don’t want to snapchat him or even look at his story, you just don’t want to hurt him by defriending him.

2. The Good Ol’ Guy Friend


We all know that guy friend we randomly snapchats you his friends cracking jokes or questions asking for advice. Snapchat seems to be the easiest way to communicate with him when you just want to talk for a little, without having to go through the trouble of small talk before getting to the point. He will always be one of your best friends on the screen and off.


3. The New Boy


You’ve only been talking for a little, but the small little snaps he sends you throughout the day seems to make you smile. You may have caught his eye at a social event or on a dating app. The conversation must of progressed to trading snapcodes and now the the snaps you send each other make you hope that there’s something there.


4. The High School Friend Who Checks in on Your “Wild” Stories


Whether you post of a story of your night out or just a vent you needed to send to the world, he’ll always comment and check in on you. It may of even been multiple years, but high school friends seem to always want to know how things are going with each other’s different lives.



5.The Ex Who Doesn’t Want Your Snapstreak to Die


Things may have ended emotionally and romantically, but there are obviously still lingering feelings seeing as the snapstreak is still thriving. Neither one of you want to let go of the past just yet and move on, so the snapstreak fire symbol still will be ignited until someone new comes in and distracts you from the fun and games. Until then, enjoy the small talk you still have with the person who once meant so much.