Five Decisions Every College Student Makes on a Regular Basis

A college student’s decisions range from life-changing to pressing the play button on Netflix (yet again). College is full of choices, but it is nice to know that you’re not alone in making them.

1.     “Should I call my parents? It’s only 11pm.”

Although your sleep schedule may be messed up, your parents back home probably still go to bed around nine. Call in the morning.

2.     “I really need to finish this ten page research paper… but Grey’s Anatomy is just too addicting.”

We are all guilty of a little too much Netflix, but it’s just too convenient.

3.     “Wow a bacon cheeseburger sounds good, good thing I had a salad two weeks ago!”

Treat yo-self.

4.     “My Tuesday/Thursday classmates don’t see my Monday/Wednesday/Friday outfits, I’ll just wear the same thing…and maybe shower tomorrow.”

This is some solid logic.

5.     “Wow my laundry is really piling up, I can’t call my mom to do it… Eh, it can wait another week.”

It’s only “too much laundry” when you can no longer see the floor or you’re out of underwear.