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Cheater, cheater. Pumpkin eater.


Anybody who has ever been in one knows that relationships are hard. Even the best couples go through the same crap as the ones that don’t make it. The only difference: some are willing to give up, some aren’t.


So lets tackle the biggest issue that relationships face, cheating. Whether there is actual cheating going on just the suspicion, every couple encounters this hideous beast.


The best way to deal with this issue is communication. Most men who cheat on their women do it because they aren’t yet comfortable being vulnerable in their relationship. So they find someone else to fill that hole and end up sleeping with them.


In other words, Men don’t like talking about their emotions with their significant other right away. They feel like they need to be manly and be your superhero. And what good superhero has fears and soft spots? So instead your man opens up to someone else and forms that strong connection.


So how do you stop this from happening? That’s right, communication. Everybody loves talking about themselves, so ask your guy questions. Start off with something simple and silly like favorite childhood TV show then move into the more serious like his biggest fears and insecurities. It also makes it easier if you reveal some of yours. It opens a door to another side of you and makes your man feel important because you’re sharing these things with him.


How I know this works: There’s a few reasons. On that first night I spent with my boyfriend staying up till 6 am talking, I told him a lot about myself and he reciprocated with information about himself. However, communication is important through the entirety of a relationship.


I’ve been with my boyfriend for about two-and-a-half years and last summer it was rough. And when I say rough, I mean really, really rough. But it was the worst when I wasn’t telling him how I was feeling. Instead I thought it would be better to pretend like I was fine and then eventually we would be. But then I found myself confiding in another guy and growing feelings for him.


I was smart enough to know that these feelings weren’t real and when I finally realized that I didn’t want to be talking to this other guy and all I really wanted was to talk to my boyfriend, I did. Things weren’t better instantly, there was still a lot of muck to rake through, but now we were doing it together and that made it so much easier.


A relationship will only stand as long as there is one person who will defend it. Sometimes the defender will change but when both parties give up, it’s over. The best solution to any problem is to talk it out. 

I'm a journalism student at the University of Arizona.
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