Campus Cutie: Alex Meyer

Name: Alex Myers

Year: Freshman

Nickname: Token

Hobby: Cheer

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Food: authentic Indian food

Alex Myers is this week’s campus cutie because he is the complete package. Alex is studying veterinarian science, is a student athlete, and involved in Greek life. He came to the University of Arizona on a scholarship and for cheer. Alex is a newly initiated member of Sigma Alpha Mu, and just completed his first year as a cheerleader. He loves everything about cheer, the school spirit and energy is so much fun. Alex says that his first year at the U of A was incredible, “I’ve made so many friends and great memories.” He rushed his second semester and landed in Sigma Alpha Mu, “This house is so laid back and the brothers are such a good time”, he loves his choice and is so excited to be a new member of this fraternity. Alex loves animals, which is why he wants to become a veterinarian after college. He wants to work at a zoo and make a difference in animal’s lives. He has two dogs and he often will foster dogs he sees that need help. Charming and funny Alex Myer’s is Her Campus AZ’s favorite cutie!