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Campus Celebrity: Karina Miro

Age: 21

Major: Communications


Karina Miro is a junior at the University of Arizona and a rep for a brand new app on campus. She is spreading the word about the app, Friendsy, which students are already talking about.


What is friendsy?

“Friendsy is a college-based social networking app that is based on being a secure way for students to become more connected with each other across campuses. It is like Tinder essentially and you need an .edu email to be able to use the app. The app allows users to swipe through profiles and you have the option to select if you want to friend, date, or “hook up” with another college student and if they want you too, you match up with them.”


How did you get involved with this new app?

“I got involved because one of my friends had an internship with Friendsy and she explained how much she loved it so I knew I wanted to get involved and apply.”


How do you plan to make it big on campus?

“There are a couple other girls interning with Friendsy on campus so we put up fliers, made blogs, and written on multiple Facebook pages informing people about it. We are also trying to get a booth to set up on the mall so we can pass out t-shirts, fliers, and posters to students.”


What is something interesting students should know about this app?

“They should know that the bases of this app is to be very safe and is very similar to Tinder but better and more accurate. It allows you to select if you want to friend, date, or “hook up” with another college student, unlike Tinder. It also allows you to chat with them and is extremely popular on the east coast.”


What are your top 3 favorite apps other than Friendsy?

“My other top 3 favorite apps would be the apps that I use the most, which are Snapchat, Instagram, and my Google calendar app.”


What is your favorite thing about the U of A?

“My favorite thing about the U of A is the people here and the weather. I am from California and I find those two elements very similar to home and I love it.”


Post graduation plans?

“After graduating I hope to go to graduate school in Northern California and then hopefully get a job within Silicon Valley with a networking company.”

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